2 Design Ideas of Batman Bunk Beds to Make Your Boys’ Bedroom Look Amazing

Have you been thinking of what kind of bedrooms you should realize for your boys’? Why not making one in Batman theme then? Many boys like this character a lot. Since bunk bed could save lots of space in the room, it would be nice if you consider looking for Batman bunk beds. Even this bed comes in different kinds. Let us tell you two of them for you to consider in this opportunity.

Batman Bunk Beds with Tent Idea to Choose

The first design idea you can consider here is one with tent idea. It is not completely tent-like though. So, there is no need to worry about getting portable shelter in fabric with Batman print on. It is bunk bed we are talking about here after all. Batman bunk bed tent comes with boxy structure. The frame is made of strong materials, like wood. With that, you get this bed with ladder and bed space on top.

DC Comics Batman Batmobile Car Twin Bed by Delta Children

You don’t have to worry. The bed frame is higher enough to provide wooden rails to protect the one sleeping on upper bed. The lower space is more spacious though. However, they are covered in fabric with Batman or/and Robin print on.

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With the window and door rolled upwards, this kind of Batman and Robin bunk beds sure would feel like doing some camping outdoors. It is simple design idea indeed, but it is nice enough to make your boys happy and lets you save up more money as well.

Batman Bunk Beds with Cave Idea to Choose

The second design idea we have this time is more amazing to pick. This one is called Batman bat cave bunk beds. As the name suggests, cave idea is used here. The bed might be made of wood. However, the planks are cut into irregularly shaped pieces like the shape of rocks in 2D. The pieces would be attached together and leave irregularly shaped holes, making the bed look like a real cave.

Delta Children Upholstered Twin Bed, DC Comics Batman

Those pieces are upholstered in gray fabric and there should be black symbol of Batman in yellow layout attached on the cave wall. This kind of Batman boys bunk beds would also come with yellow slide at one side with stairs on its opposite. Wouldn’t it be fun for kids? The room would be the best place for them to play superhero in. Besides, having distinct theme like this would give character to the kids’ bedroom. Sure, this bed idea is worth to consider.

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DC Comics Batman Batmobile Car Sleep and Play Toddler Bed with Attached Guardrails by Delta Children

Now then, which one would you go for? If you want to go simple, the tent design idea would be good enough. This kind of Batman bunk beds would also be more inexpensive than the cave design idea. Still, the cave looks way more amazing with more real look and color.

It is fun too with slide included as well. Just pick one that meets your needs the most and you will end up with the best. Batman bunk beds do come with various design ideas. It might have wooden frame, but it has tent idea for camping feel and cave idea for adventuring.