2 Drawer Antique Oak Nightstand for Your Clutter-Free Bedroom Space

As we all know, there are so many options we can discover when looking for a new bedroom nightstand. Initially a table, a nightstand now has developed beyond a small bedside table, thus offering us more functionality and practicality to establish a dream bedroom as our personal sanctuary. What we will take you to see today is the 2 drawer antique oak nightstand, which can improve your bedroom into a much better space, thanks to the extra storage rooms that will help you organize the items, so they won’t clutter your sleeping area.

Good Things of Having 2 Drawer Antique Oak Nightstand

Furniture of America Stamson Rustic Antique Oak Wood 2-drawer Nightstand

Generally speaking, even if it is an antique oak nightstand what you’re looking for to buy, the same buying considerations also work when you are on the market. This means you should mind the size and height of your nightstand.

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Antique Oak Nightstand Made of Solid Wood

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5 Classical Types Of Oak Nightstand This Year

The general rule of thumb states that the height of a nightstand is ideally at least at the same height as the height of your mattress. A slightly taller nightstand is also a good choice if you wish the light form the bedside lamp to fall over your shoulder as you sit up straight in your bed.

South Shore Gravity 2-Drawer Nightstand Rustic Oak

Think about the surface area too, since it’s the main feature of a nightstand, whether it has drawers or not. This usually relates to what items you wish to put on the nightstand surface—an alarm clock, a glass of water, and a table lamp, maybe? Consider what you’d like to keep next to the bed so you can determine how many surface area you need. However, you need to be considerate about the size of the space your bedroom spares for your nightstand too.

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2 Drawer Antique Oak Nightstand for Sale

If your bedroom is relatively small, meaning you can only afford to buy the smaller nightstand, then 2 drawer antique oak nightstand will always turn into a highly useful additional features to help you expand the storage capacity of both your bedroom space and nightstand. If you also wish to place an item you’d like to reach conveniently, opt for a nightstand with drawer and open shelf too, with the latter can be functioned to tuck your book to read before you sleep.

Roundhill Furniture Oakland 139 Antique Oak Finish Wood with 2 Drawers and Night Stand

Without a doubt, mind the design style of your 2 drawer antique oak nightstand too. Make sure that it fits with your bedroom interior design style, so your nightstand will never seem out of place. That being said your modern bedroom interior space will find an oak wood nightstand with the less elaborate and more minimalist detailing as the best companion, while the one with sophisticated carving on the face of the drawer is a better choice to fit in a more classic bedroom interior.

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Buying your nightstand as a part of a bedroom set is such an easy way for you to create a cohesive look. This way, it will not be difficult for your 2 drawer antique oak nightstand to blend with other pieces of furniture in the room, such as your bed and wardrobe. However, you may also prefer to mix and match the bedroom furniture for a distinct look in an eclectic setting. In the end, it’s always a matter of taste!