3 Bunk Beds with Stairs for More Sleeping Space in the Room

With a bunk bed, you can benefit from so many advantages it offers. It is especially true if the room has a limited square footage. Typically, a bunk bed is consisted of two beds that are stacked upon another.

Even so, if the room has a higher ceiling and you wish to add more sleeping surface without taking up more floor space, the 3-level bunk beds will make a truly interesting choice worth considering. And with 3 bunk beds with stairs, you can still benefit from the additional storage capacity while providing a relatively safer access to the top bunk!

Cozy 3 Bunk Beds with Stairs

Maxtrix Solid Hardwood Triple Twin-Size Bunk Bed with Straight Ladder and Trundle, White

Considering that it is a three-level bunk bed we are currently talking about, it is definitely important to mind the height of the ceiling. As we have mentioned earlier, the 3 bunk beds with stairs will fit perfectly in a room with a higher ceiling.

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Otherwise, the bunk bed will not fit in the room or if you DIY the bed, chances are it may be too low so the sleepers will end up bumping their head on the surface above them.

Cass County Twin Triple Bunk Bed Mahogany

Even so, it doesn’t mean there is no solution. After all, all the beds that form a bunk bed do not have to be arranged perpendicular. You can see many inspiring three bunk bed designs and ideas that will surely inspire you, featuring the L shape. With the L shape, you can thus still provide extra sleeping surface without having to worry too much about the height of the ceiling in the kid’s room or the gap between each level between beds.

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3 Bunk Beds with Stairs for Sale

With the L shape, the 3 bunk beds with stairs thus can offer you another advantage if the room has a limited square footage. This way, you can push the bunk bed to fill in the empty corner space.

As we all know, corner space is often neglected in a room, which is always a solution in a smaller room. In addition to that, a corner furniture piece also often makes it easier to plan the room, especially in term of planning for the traffic around the bed.

1PerfectChoice Youth Triple 3 Twin Bunk Bed Convert Multiple Beds Daybed Solid Wood Cappuccino

Instead of ladders, stairs are often considered safer as an access to the top bunk in a kid’s room. This is just another reason why a bunk bed with stairs is an even more interesting choice for a bedroom for children. In addition to that, the stairs are also often designed with built-in drawers, which surely will help boost the storage capacity in the room. Your children can use them to store their belongings, such as clothing, toys, and books.

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Without a doubt, the 3 bunk beds with stairs will add something distinct in the room. Apart from that, it goes without saying that the extra bed will provide extra sleeping space in the room without having to take up more floor space. And with the L shape, you do not need to worry too much if the room’s ceiling is not too high.