Accent Rugs for Bedroom: What Guides to Follow When Purchasing

Thinking about accent rugs for bedroom? It’s a good idea to add some comfort and warmth. It can be a nice place to have the casual conversation with friends or just to read books. Another thing when adding an accent rug is to set mood or style.

Nevertheless, before choosing the accent rug for your bedroom, it’s important to select the perfect area for the carpet. Well, having the accent rugs especially for the bedroom is a good idea. But you need to know that there are some rules when you want to place an accent rug in a room. So, here are the guides.

Guides before Choosing and Buying Accent Rugs for Bedroom

1. Deciding the decorating goal

InterDesign Microfiber Poppy Floral Accent Rug for Bedroom and Bathroom – Yellow White

The first step is to choose the goal of decorating with an accent area rug. There are two main things of decorating the area with accent rugs for the bedroom: to define an independent area or to unify the space.

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If you unite the multiple pieces of furniture, you can choose a large area rug which entirely fits under all of the items that create such a cohesive look. But if you are defining a small area within the open area, the multiple and smaller are rugs will be much better.

2. Determining the shape

RugStylesOnline, Shaggy Collection Shag Area Rugs, Navy Blue

You need to consider the shape of the room and also all of the the main furniture items while you choose the area rug shape. The round dining tables will look best over the round rug. Similarly, most of the living room groupings will feel natural when it’s defined by the rectangular or square rug.

Accent Rugs for Bedroom Ideas

3. Visualizing the rug

When you want to choose accent rugs for the bedroom, you can use the masking tape, bed sheet, or butcher paper for visualizing the different sized areas rugs in the space you have. What you can do is to take pictures and then let it settle before you buy.

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4. Choosing the rug size by the room layout

Safavieh Florida Shag Collection SG455-6511 Scrolling Vine Dark Blue and Cream Graceful Swirl Area Rug

There are a lot of ways to determine a perfect size area rug for the room you have. One example of a classic way is to consider the layout of the furniture you want to achieve. If it’s for the bedroom, all of the area rugs will add calming and cozy appeal. Especially when people step out of bed for the 1st time when they wake up, it will be a perfect place to step on.

5. Choosing rug size by the room boarder

The other way to choose bedroom accent rug is to choose the size by using the room boarder rule. There are traditional and modern rules. Traditional rule: there must be more or less 18 inches of the floor space between the walls and rug edges. Modern rules: if you have the tiny room, you need to reduce bare floor to eight inches for the optimal proportions.

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Well, those are some guides to choose the accent rugs for the bedroom. Maybe after reading this article, you will consider more on the choice and how to make the area rug more appealing. Good luck to choose

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