Antique Corner Curio Cabinet, Which One Is Real?

Today more and more people have been attracted by antique pieces of many things including furniture so that the so-called antique corner curio cabinet is included within the trending things people searching for. Unfortunately there are also people who have experienced the day when they thought they have purchased antique pieces but turned out to be just some cheap imitation pieces. So it is clear that purchasing antique stuff is not easy since the authenticity of those pieces should be checked and given more of the attention.

Choosing Antique Corner Curio Cabinet Properly

Vintage Mahogany Walnut French Louis Corner Curio Cabinet

Some people produced reproduction versions of popular antique stuff so it is really crucial to understand the real signs of antique stuff before purchasing it. One of the best ways to detect if a piece of antique curio cabinet is a real antique is to check the hardware. Classic hardware will show its sign that is definitely incomparable to today’s version. That is a start to ensure that the piece to purchase is a real antique piece.

1910 Antique Edwardian Dark Mahogany Corner Cabinet

Furthermore when trying to get the best deal of the nice looking antique corner curio cabinet furniture piece in any possible places, be sure to check the aging signs of old piece.

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It can probably be seam separation, board separation, black marks, nicks and dings, and even worm holes. Just be very careful when the piece is actually real smooth that is just looks like new. People have never renewed old antique pieces unless the pieces have sold and that the buyers requested to be renewed.

Antique White Oak Corner Curio Cabinet for Sale

Next piece of sign that should be given attention when trying to find the best piece of antique cabinet for display such as antique oak corner curio cabinet will be the hardware sets of the cabinet. Surely real antique cabinet will be having less chance to have a complete set of hardware. Especially if the hardware remains in the best and regular state and shape within different spots. When the hardware is complete in a set and that it is perfectly old looking, then just be very careful about it.

D-ART Rustic Corner Cabinet 2 Door Curio in Mahogany Wood

Even a nice looking piece of antique white corner curio cabinet may not be really antique when the screws and constructions method used are actually modern one. Usually antique cabinets will be having a single slot screw instead of other types of screw. Regarding the construction, whenever it seems weird and unlike modern piece of cabinets that surely that piece is an antique one.

Furthermore when dealing with antique corner curio cabinet for sale, be sure to get some friends or at least one friend who will be able to help in spotting those mentioned signs of real antique pieces. They are actually there to be found but those reproduction pieces are also there to hide the real antique pieces. Just be very careful in this particular matter since today it is highly popular that people may not be entirely aware of the real pieces of antique corner curio cabinet and buying the fake instead.