Antique Golden Oak Nightstand and How to Maintain Yours

When it comes to wood furniture, oak makes one of the most popular varieties for either indoor or outdoor use. Oak is known for being versatile and its ability to suit a wide array of styles, ranging from the rustic to modern and even contemporary design. However, with the antique golden oak nightstand, something that looks more traditional will be the perfect match to offer you a timeless beauty while improving your bedroom space, both functionally and aesthetically. To make sure that your golden oak nightstand will last for a longer period, here are some important maintenance tips you have to know!

Antique Golden Oak Nightstand Maintenance

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The very first step to maintaining your golden oak nightstand is to condition it right after it arrives in your place. Treat the wood using wax or oil to condition it, thus adding a protective seal that will keep the wood safe from cracks, stains, and infestations.

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However, applying the protective seal once is never enough. A regular reapplication is always necessary, about once every 2 to 3 months. However, the more frequent reapplication is needed during the first few years—later, the frequency will be reduced to a couple of times every year.

Forest Designs Mission Three Drawer Nightstand Golden Oak

When waxing your antique golden oak nightstand, make sure that you’ll be using only natural oils and wax. Avoid the chemical-based or abrasive house cleaning products since their formula will result in damaging the surface and finish of your oak wood furniture instead. Rather, opt for the natural beeswax or lemon oil, which are also often mentioned as the best products to use to protect the surface of your oak nightstand.

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Always bear in mind that water and moisture are wood’s natural enemies. This also applies to your oak wood nightstand as both can damage the wood. Although this can be repaired, we all know that prevention is always the better choice, right? Hence, when cleaning the furniture, never use the damp cloth. A regular dusting, however, will always do to clean your oak nightstand and keep its appearance stunning at any time. Another prevention attempt is by using coasters or table mats, which can also be used to avoid any possible damage from the heat any hot item you place on the nightstand top will create.

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When you spill food or drink, immediately clean it off your antique golden oak nightstand. Otherwise, it may create an unsightly stain which will always affect the appearance of your nightstand. Clean the spill by blotting up the liquid or absorb the puddle; the key is to wipe up the extra moisture. And when doing so, do it in the direction of the wood grain, so the water will not get into the wood.

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Oak, aside from its beauty, is also known for its durability. Even so, it doesn’t mean you can be reckless when using your antique golden oak nightstand. Extreme temperatures, after all, are also any wood’s biggest nemesis. Hence, avoid placing your oak nightstand near an air conditioning vent, radiator, or anywhere else which may expose the wood to extreme temperatures. Otherwise, your oak nightstand may dry out, discolor, or crack.