Antique Looking Dressers for Timeless Home Decor

Rather than having the new dresser, you can make the old dresser becomes the antique-looking dressers. What do you like about being a classic? It is furniture! Having such classic furniture is bless. It will give you so much time to remember the old story of yours.

Moreover, it can make the whole room becomes cozier. By only painting, the old dressers to the new antique-looking dressers are more than enough. The room will be more antique and also at the same time, it will describe your character. 

Producing the Antique Looking Dressers

It has been known that having such antique furniture is so hard. The price is a real problem. It is because the antique furniture is something that has been preserved for so many years. But what can we do when we love the way the vintage-looking dressers work? Then, you just need to make a simple DIY project. The very first thing that you need to do is going to the antique store. Then try to examine it very carefully.

Pulaski Ornate Overlay 3 Drawer Accent Storage Chest in weathered cream

By going to the antique stores, you will have more references to make the DIY antique dressers. The stores will show some choices of an antique dresser. Make sure that you already examine the whole part of the dressers like the stains or scratches.

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Then, if you already have done that, you need to go home and start your DIY project. First thing first, make sure that the stains and scratches that you have seen on the dressers before are already applied to your old dressers. Create some stains with chains.

Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Leahlyn Nightstand – Antique Style – Rectangular – Warm Brown

There is one pattern that the antique dressers will have. When it is called antique, the damages are patterned. The pattern means that it happens with some sort of regular hit. One part will be done after another part to make the damages. But make sure that you already hit the dressers uneven. So then, the dressers will be naturally damaged. Also, vary every hit with different pressure. Different pressure can also give a different kind of dints.

Signature Design By Ashley – Realyn Youth Dresser – Chipped White

To make it more real, you need to make sure that the damages and the dints are surely tried to be removed. You can use a candle to make it real. Rub the candles to the parts where it is used as the handles. It will be particularly to the edges. Then, let it dry. For the start, you need to paint the base. It is used to make sure that the antique is valuable. Black is a common and important color.

Crestview Collection Library 3-Drawer Chest

Then, layers are also important. It is used to make the dressers look still modern and is still good to be used in these days. The layers can be cream or white. It will be all up to you. But before you move to the next layer, make sure that it is already dry.

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To add more scratches, you can use steel wool. As the finishing, add stains to the surface of the new antique-looking dressers. Making dressers from the old dressers become the antique-looking dressers is an easy thing to do. Make sure you know what to do with the old dresser.