Antique Medium Oak Nightstand and Maintenance Tips

The beauty of antique medium oak nightstand makes it a truly wonderful choice for you to complement your bedroom space. The nightstand alone is a highly useful piece of furniture which presence can always make a significant difference. In short, it offers a surface to hold all seemingly trivial yet ultimately essential things to make your bedroom even cozier while providing enough space to decorate your boudoir. However, there are some important things you need to know if you wish to ensure that your oak nightstand will last long.

Maintaining Your Antique Medium Oak Nightstand

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We all know how wonderfully beautiful the medium oak nightstand is. And to make sure that it will always look nice all the time, conditioning the wood is always important, even though your oak nightstand will not be exposed to the extreme conditions like what always happens to the outdoor oak furniture.

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As soon as your oak nightstand arrives in your place, treat it with wax or oil. It is to provide a protective seal from cracks, infestations, and stains.

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However, applying such protection layer once is not enough. The upkeep is always necessary, so be sure to repeat the treatment every 2 to 3 months. This way, you make sure that your antique medium oak nightstand is always nourished and protected from any element which may damage its condition and appearance. And don’t forget to keep your oak nightstand clean, and a regular dusting and polishing usually will do. Both are to help you keep any destructive dust particles away.

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Well, speaking of the wax and oil used to seal your oak nightstand, which product is the best? Generally speaking, the natural oils and wax are your best choice since they are least likely to damage your oak furniture. Natural seals such as natural beeswax or lemon oil are always recommended when it comes to buffing the oak wood furniture. Avoid using any chemical-based and abrasive domestic cleaning products since they will damage the surface and finish of your oak wood furniture piece.

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At the same time, always keep your antique medium oak nightstand safe from water too. As we all know, water and moisture are considerably the biggest enemies for wood, which will result in damage when you’re being reckless regarding this matter. Although such damage from moisture or water can be repaired, it’s always best to prevent it from happening, right? Hence, when cleaning your oak nightstand, using a damp cloth is a big no.

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Another way you can do to prevent any possible damage caused by water is by using coaster. It’s especially true if a glass of water is always a must on your nightstand. Plus, this is also a prevention act against damage caused by damp mugs or glasses. At the same time, hot item can also result in any damage to the surface and finish of your antique medium oak nightstand; another reason why using coaster or table mat is necessary. Plus, when there’s a spill, immediately mop it up by blotting up or absorb the liquid. When wiping up the excess moisture, do it following the direction of wood grain so water won’t get into the wood.