Antique Oak Night Stand and Dresser for Timeless Beauty in Your Room

Opting for a multipurpose piece of furniture is always a smart solution for you to create a better place while taking up less space to consume. This is the reason why this kind of furniture is highly popular nowadays, especially among homeowners who live in a relatively smaller living space. As for today, we will focus our attention to the antique oak nightstand and dresser that will provide a genuinely space-efficient solution for your smaller boudoir while enhancing the storage capacity at the same time.

Antique Oak NightStand and Dresser Choices

Tommy Hilfiger Ludo Nightstand with Four Antique Mirror Drawers and Crisscrossing Geometry in Light Burnt Oak

Your choice of the antique nightstand and dresser can be one originally a dresser transformed into a nightstand or the opposite.

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Well, whichever your preference is, both offer the same great extent of functionality and practicality to make your smaller bedroom a better space to rest every day and night while keeping the clutters organized and hidden. Even so, if you intend to use a bedroom dresser as a nightstand too, you may need to be aware of the height.

Marietta French Country Antique Oak Curved Nightstand

Typically, a bedroom dresser is offered in various options which height ranges even up to a tall dresser that is almost as tall as an adult. Such tall dresser will be the one you’d like to avoid if you intend to make yours serve a purpose as a nightstand table. Ideally, a bedroom nightstand’s height is to match that of your mattress, although a little taller is also often tolerated. Hence, it’s recommended for you to measure the height of your bed with mattress first to decide which new bedroom dresser you should buy to use as your nightstand too.

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Antique Oak Night Stand and Dresser for Sale

With an antique oak nightstand and dresser, the organization can be done depending on your personal preference. Even so, considering the height and dimension, which is typically smaller and shorter than any regular bedroom dresser, it is always advised to use your nightstand and dresser to store smaller items.

Those such as socks, ties, and undergarments will be easier to organize in a nightstand and dresser instead of shirts and pants. Do not forget to assign each drawer to avoid different items from getting mixed up. For example, the clothes can be stored in the lower drawers while the top one will be the one as catchalls for your phone charger, accessories, and smaller items.

Forest Designs Mission Oak Eleven Drawer Dresser Antique Alder

Do not forget to mind the quality of construction too. The drawer mechanism will be one of the most critical aspects you’d like to inspect thoroughly when buying a new antique oak nightstand and dresser since this will be something to make it or break it. Plus, you’d also want to make sure that the sum of money invested for the piece of furniture worthy, right? The high-quality construction means that the furniture piece will last for an extended period!

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Last but not least, pay attention to the design style of your oak nightstand and dresser. With an antique oak night stand and dresser, a more classic or traditional bedroom interior design will be the best match, so the furniture will not seem out of place. However, if you prefer to mix and match the items for an eclectic look, then go for it!