Bathroom Vanity Ideas Model and Design

When it comes to bathroom design and decoration, you cannot forget providing a bathroom vanity. It is a kind of table placed in a bathroom. It is used for storage so that you can store bathroom equipment there. That is why it usually comes with drawers.

A modern bathroom usually has a vanity. It does not consume much space so that it is appropriate for any bathroom even with small space. It is available in different models so that you have to choose the most appropriate one for your own bathroom.

Popular Bathroom Vanity Models

Before you decide to apply a vanity into your bathroom, the first thing you need to consider is the design. In fact, you can find so many designs of vanity for bathroom. One of the most popular options is a bathroom vanity with top. It is a kind of vanity for bathroom where the top comes with a single sink. So, it does not only function to storage bathroom equipment but also to wash hands, face, plates, glasses, pans, etc.

Fresca Manchester 30 Gray Traditional Bathroom Vanity

Olivia 30-inch Bathroom Vanity (Carrara White) Includes Italian Carrara Countertop, a White Cabinet, Soft Close Drawers, and a Ceramic Sink

This one works best for a minimalist bathroom because it usually has smaller size. So, you can place it easily on the free space available in your bathroom. Commonly, it is placed under a bathroom mirror. So, when you wash hands or face, you can look into the mirror. It is very rare that this kind of vanity is found not under the bathroom mirror. In fact, a bathroom must have at least a mirror.

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If you have larger space in your bathroom, it will be a good idea to apply a bathroom vanity double sink. This vanity is usually larger and longer so that there are 2 sinks on its top. With double sink design, your bathroom can be used by 2 persons at the same time. Besides that, the storage is also certainly bigger so that there is no worry to store a big amount of bathroom equipment.

Modern Freestanding Espresso Double Bathroom Vanity Sink Set His and Her Farmhouse Vanity and Sink Combo with Extra Storage Shelves and Drawers 60 Inches

Wyndham Collection Sheffield 72 inch Double Bathroom Vanity in White, White Carrara Marble Countertop, Undermount Square Sinks, and No Mirror

This kind of vanity is appropriate for you who want a luxury bathroom. In fact, this vanity brings an elegant impression. However, the price will certainly be more expensive. If your bathroom is not big enough, applying this vanity may not be a good idea because it consumes more space. So, it is only recommended for you who have a large bathroom. If you can realize it, your bathroom will not only look attractive and feel comfortable but is also functional well.

24 inch Bathroom Vanity Set – Combo MDF Sink Cabinet Vanity with Counter Top Glass Vessel Sink Vanity and 1.5 GPM Faucet (Free pop up Drain)

For you who want a unique design, you can consider a bathroom vanity with vessel sink. Vessel sink is a kind of sink which directly stands on a vanity. Some people also call it bowl sink. This sink has a unique shape because it is like a big bowl.

36 White Bathroom Vanity Cabinet Wood with Glass Marble Top Vessel Sink Mirror Faucet and Drain (Solid Wood + Marble Top)

Even more, the design also makes it even more unique attractive. Commonly, sink comes in square or rectangular shapes with aluminum or stainless steel material. However, this one has a round shape. For the material, it can vary. One of the most common materials used is marble or ceramic.

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A vanity that comes with vessel sink cannot be found in any bathroom. You usually find it in hotels or apartments that have unique designs. However, you can also plan your own bathroom with this vanity sink. In this idea, your purpose does not only focus on the function but also the look. It may come with single vessel sink or the double one. You can choose one based on your desire.

Enhance Your Bathroom with Vanity

We have discussed about some popular models of vanity for bathroom. Whatever the model you choose, it must be able to enhance your bathroom. For the placement, we have mentioned above that it is best placed under the bathroom mirror.

Safavieh Mercer Collection Georgia Vanity Stool, White

If it has double sink, the bathroom mirror should also be bigger. Vanity is usually made from wood. Whether it comes with sink or not, make sure that the top has a high quality surface. Commonly, the vanity top uses aluminum or stainless steel even though you can also find other options like marble, glass, etc.

Hillsdale O’Malley Vanity Stool, Gray

Sometimes, you will also need a bathroom vanity stool. If you have a big space in your bathroom, it can be a good idea. Stool is a kind of chair placed beside a table. In case of vanity, stool is placed beside or in front of the vanity. So, you can use the stool to sit down when using the vanity sink. However, make sure that the stool does not block any access. If your bathroom is not big enough, this may not be appropriate for yours.

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Tips in Buying a Bathroom Vanity

Before you buy bathroom vanity units, you have to decide where to purchase. You can find it on furniture store or via online easily. Besides that, you also have to look for a vanity that comes with warranty. In fact, a good quality vanity is usually guaranteed for some years.

Eleanor 30-inch Bathroom Vanity (Carrara Charcoal Gray) Includes a Charcoal Gray Cabinet, Soft Close Drawers, a Natural Italian Carrara Marble Countertop, and a Ceramic Sink

However, you cannot forget about the price. Make sure that you only buy a vanity that is ideal for your budget. In fact, different vanities for bathroom may have different prices. The prices depend on the materials used, style, model and other factors.

RunFine RFVA0069G 24 inch Wide All Wood Modern Gray Vanity with vitreous China top, 2 Doors and 1 Slow Close Arch Drawer

Vanity for bathroom also comes in different colors. You can choose one that is matched to your bathroom color. Alternatively, you can paint it by your own with your desired paint color. If you are interested in a vanity for bathroom, make sure that your bathroom has 2 areas.

They are dry and wet area. In this case, the vanity should be placed at the dry area so that it will be durable. The wet area should only be used for taking a bath whereas the dry area can be used to dry your hair, wash your face, etc.

Is it possible to have more than one vanity in a bathroom? As long as there is enough space, it is always possible. However, rather than you apply 2 vanities in a bathroom, it is better to have a bathroom vanity that comes with double sink.