Bedroom Chests and Dressers: Choosing the Right Ones for Your Needs

The bedroom chests and dressers are also part of the highlight of your bedroom furniture set, second only to your bed itself. It is most likely because of the main purpose and function of this piece of furniture, which are really critical to provide the storage space in your bedroom.

When you are buying the chests and dresser as part of a bedroom set, you’ll find them in a matching design style with the rest pieces. On the other hand, you can buy this bedroom storage unit individually as well.

Buying the Right Bedroom Chests and Dressers

Bedroom dresser is often waist-high and wider than its depth and height. This storage unit is an ideal choice to display pictures and/or store jewelry, thanks to the long top surface. Often, the dresser comes with mirrors. But you can also find one with lower height you can fit easily under windows.

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Meanwhile, bedroom chest or chest of drawer refers to a stack of three or more drawers vertically. This is a great choice of storage unit for a smaller room since it takes up less space.

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When shopping for a new bedroom chest and dresser, including the cheap bedroom dressers and chests, there are some important things you need to consider first. Here are some tips to help you find the right bedroom chest and dresser for you!

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  1. Size

When you are planning to incorporate antique bedroom dressers and chests, you have to take the precise measurement of the unit into account. You should measure the space the dresser and chest will be placed at. The measurements you should take are the height, width, and depth.

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You will also need to see if there’s anything in a way if you plan to place the storage units on the corner spot.

  1. Style
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Mind the style too. You surely will never want your choice to look out of place. When your bedroom is a contemporary one, then the contemporary bedroom dressers and chests are the ones to go.

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Meanwhile, opt for the antique one if you wish to embrace the old-time look as the main interior design style in your bedroom.

  1. Material

When it comes to the choice of material, wood makes the most common option. Even so, you can also find the veneer and composite wood too, as well as glass, wicker, and bamboo. Wood is popular, especially the solid wood varieties thanks to their quality, sturdiness, and aesthetics. Plus, wood can be painted too, so you can easily choose among various color options, such as the black bedroom dressers and chests.

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The dresser and chest are not only available as part of the main bedroom furniture set. You can also find the dresser set, which is ideal for you whose bedroom needs more storage spaces than a piece of dresser is capable of offering.

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While the bedroom chests and dressers sets offer you the multi-unit storage sets to boost the storage capacity in your bedroom, you can also ensure that the storage units are coordinated in term of style. Bedroom chests and dressers are the important piece of furniture for a bedroom. Follow these tips to help you find the best units for your needs.