Bedroom Chests of Drawers Design Inspirations for Your Chamber

The bedroom chests of drawers are one of the most important pieces of furniture in a bedroom space. They are often considered as a great choice if you need to provide storage space in your smaller bedroom. It is all because of the dimensions of a chest of drawers, which is typically smaller than the standard bedroom dresser.

Commonly, a bedroom chest of drawers is consisted of three and even more drawers that are vertically stacked, reaching the chest-height. Meanwhile, a standard dresser as a wider dimension, even though you can also find a low dresser.

Finding the Right Bedroom Chests of Drawers

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Considering the importance of the chest of drawers, it is always important to find the right one for you. To find the right chest of drawers for your bedroom, regardless of the bedroom chest of drawers ideas you wish to use, you need to make sure the chest of drawers is of the right dimension.

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Hence, always be sure to measure the space where the chest of drawers will be placed at first. The exact measurement should include depth, height, and width. Apart from that, when you determine the right size for your chest of drawers, you need to consider how you store your clothes or what you plan to store inside.

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Without a doubt, the design style is also an important consideration when choosing the right chest of drawers. Cue from your bedroom interior design style to make sure that your choice of storage units will never look out of place. In short, go for the modern bedroom chest of drawers if your bedroom is a modern one. On the other hand, the antique chest of drawers is an ideal match if your bedroom flaunts the traditional style.

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You will have to think about the material too. Wood is a popular option, which is not surprising considering its quality and aesthetics, especially when you go for the solid wood. The beautiful maple or mahogany bedroom chest of drawers is a great choice if you do not hesitate to splurge for the expensive hardwood chest of drawers for bedroom.

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But if you prefer the cheaper choice, you can opt for pine—be sure that the treatment to ensure the wood resist to damage and rot has been given. Another alternative for cheaper wood is composite wood or medium density fiberboard.

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Be sure that the quality of the chest of drawers in bedroom is a high one. You should check for the signs of quality, which can be seen from the material choice. A maximum durability can be easily achieved if the chest of drawers is made of solid wood, used also for the drawers and the backing. Inspect each drawer and its runners, as well as the legs and feet—ideally, each foot is carved as a single piece with the leg and made of wood.

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The joinery of the bedroom chests of drawers is also a sign of the quality—you will always want to avoid a unit that uses staples, nails and glue since those are the signs of low quality of construction. Rather, choose the joinery that follows the tongue-and-groove method, which can also help you test the sturdiness as you push and pull the unit for a few times. Bedroom chests of drawers are also an important part of any bedroom furniture set, especially for the important purpose and use as storage unit in the room.