Bedroom Sets with Drawers under Bed Ideas to Make More Space

There are so many ways we can do to boost the storage capacity in our bedroom, even though buying a new wardrobe cabinet or another piece of the storage compartment is no longer an option. This way, even though your bedroom is smaller in size, you never need to worry at all! Whether you renovate your existing bedroom or designing a new one, the bedroom sets with drawers under bed make a highly practical and recommended solution to meet your storage needs without taking up more floor space.

Cool Bedroom Sets with Drawers Under Bed Ideas

Today, it is not difficult to find the bedroom sets with drawers under the bed to buy on the market. This is surely a great choice to furnish a new bedroom with pieces of furniture that match. The number of drawers stowed underneath the bed will vary, and the number of stacks will do as well.

Prepac Mate’s Platform Storage Bed with 3 Drawers, Twin XL, Black

Typically, the higher the bed, there are at least two stacks of drawers under it. For a platform bed that is specially designed to below, the storage can be either a single stack of the drawer or a large compartment accessible as you pull out the bed top and mattress.

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Even so, purchasing the bedroom sets with drawers under bed is not the only option you have. You can also take a more creative route to boost the storage capacity in your room by adding more spaces underneath your bed. With so many cool and brilliant DIY ideas, the black home beneath the bed can always be optimized as a storage space for your clothes, shoes, or anything you’d like to keep out of the way.

ACME Naima White Queen Bed with Storage

For instance, you can transform the wooden shipping palettes for shoe storage under the bed. Creative and unique aside, this is also an inexpensive solution if you wish for not only an instant storage compartment but also an affordable one. Stack as many palettes as you want and leave the flat top surface to place the mattress, and you’re good to go!

Furniture of America Emerson Twin Daybed with Trundle in White

Utilizing a similar idea, you can transform a flat file into a platform with storage for your bedroom and bed. A dresser that is tall and large enough can work as a bed platform with drawers as well! If you plan to transform a dresser as a bed platform, then you may need to remember that bedroom dressers are typically smaller in size. Hence, this DIY idea makes a more suitable idea for a kid or young teen’s bedroom, either as the bed or as seating for the bedroom lounging area.

Modern Style Brown Finish Twin Size Chest Bed with 3 Drawers

When square footage is limited, going upwards is always a more efficient solution to deal with the lack of storage capacity in any room. And with the bedroom sets with drawers under the bed, either store-bought or DIY ones, you can take advantage of the additional storage rooms in your boudoir without having to take up extra floor spaces.

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Your bedroom will be free from clutter without you having to cramp the extra bulky storage units! Bedroom sets with drawers under bed make an ideal solution for you who wish to make more space for storage without having to add another bulky unit.