Best Time to Buy Bedroom Furniture: Useful Guide for the Right Months

Buying furniture is always considered as an investment. Hence, it is always important for you not to do it carelessly. After all, you will always want to make sure that all the money spent on each piece of furniture worthy, right? If you are planning to buy new furniture, especially bedroom furniture, then this article is what you have to read.

Here, we will talk about the best time to buy bedroom furniture you can always refer to your guide. Since different timing may affect different prices and product quality, it is necessary to find out the right time to buy furniture pieces. Keep reading!

Get to Know the Best Time to Buy Bedroom Furniture

1. February

Spring usually is the moment when new bedroom collections are introduced to the market. So, why does February make the best time to buy bedroom furniture? When the new bedroom furniture collections are introduced, you can take this as an opportunity to benefit from all the discounts that are offered for the older models.

Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Ralene Nightstand – Medium Brown

Floor models usually are reduced along with the arrival of new collections, typically anywhere from 30 to 60 percent. The price reductions generally increase rapidly when the arrival of the new collection is getting closer.

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2. May

There are so many interesting deals on bedroom furniture as Memorial Day is coming. Usually, you can also find price reductions for a mattress. As you may have noticed, there are even special financing terms during this month too, along with the discounts.

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3. July

Another best time to buy bedroom furniture is the Independence Day weekend. In general, retailers offer irresistibly steep price reductions during this period so they can make enough room for the most recent inventory and appeal to consumers who are usually too distracted by the BBQs and beach. The markdown during this time of the year usually runs through the rest of the month where you might find 15 percent off for selected pieces.

Mainstays 4-Drawer Dresser, (4-Drawer, Canyon Walnut, Handi Wipes) (4-Drawer, Canyon Walnut)

4. November

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Why is November one of the best months to buy bedroom furniture? The answer is simple: Black Friday. Even so, this time of the year is the one for you if you have plenty of patience and time to stand in the line along with the other antsy and determined customers!

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There are too many irresistible offers during Black Friday. For example, the bed frame can be offered as low as $5. Although there are some terms and conditions applied, such offers are still tempting anyway. And if you cannot stand the shopping frenzy, try Cyber Monday instead so you can still take advantage of all the deals without leaving the comfort of your home.

5. December

Although you have watched the entire sales pass by all year, it doesn’t mean you’ve lost your opportunity. There’s still another best time to buy bedroom furniture, which is by the end of the year. During the year-end sale, there are so many great price breaks you can find. Even so, the catch is that you probably have to be satisfied with an incomplete set. Well, who cares about a matching look if you can still pocket some savings and bring new furniture pieces home, right?

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The best time to buy bedroom furniture is usually during these months: February, May, July, November, and December. Grab your favorite at that moment!