Bunk Bed Safety Rail: Important Safety Feature for Kid’s Bedrooms

There are many important things you have to take into account when buying a new bunk bed for your kid’s bedroom. One of them is the safety, which is absolutely essential to prevent any chance of accidents and injuries to happen in the future.

And when it comes to kid bunk bed safety, the bunk bed safety rail makes a highly important feature you have to bear in mind. Because apparently, there are still reported accidents related to children who fell from bunk beds, either at home or camps.

Requirements for Bunk Bed Safety Rail

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The bunk bed rail bracket or guardrail refers to a guard or rail on the side of a bed. It is to prevent the sleeper from rolling or falling out of the bed. There are some important requirements related to the safety rail, which are regulated by the government in state level. Although there may be differences in bunk bed safety rail requirements among the states, they are generally the same. Here are the requirements for bunk bed guardrail.

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1. A guardrail is a must for every side of the upper bed. If the bed is secured against the wall spanning the bed’s length without any gap between the bed frame and wall, and the bed is unable to be removed from the wall without using any tools, then the equivalent level of safety shall be provided by installing a guardrail only on the side of the bed that is not against the wall.

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2. There is also regulation related to bunk bed safety rail height. Typically, the height shall be no less than 5 inches from the top of the mattress surface.

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3. There are some requirements regarding the termination of guardrails before they reach the bed’s end structures.

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a. The opening between the end structure at the bed’s head and a guardrail shall be 15 inches at least to avoid the danger of entrapment.

b. The maximum opening size that is permitted between the end structure of the bed’s foot and a guardrail for an access to the bed from the side ladder is according to the age of the sleeper. In general, for the requirement about bunk bed safety rail and ladder, the upper bunk should be occupied by a kid no younger than 6 years old.

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4. Guardrails for bunk beds that aren’t secured against a wall shall extend the whole bed’s length on the side that doesn’t have any access ladder.

5. To prevent strangulation and entrapment, the openings between every bunk bed safety rail bracket and between the bed frame or foundation and the guardrails shall be 3.5 inches at most.

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6. Guardrails must be attached and sound structurally so they won’t be able to be removed by releasing the fastening device intentionally or without using the tools.

7. The ladders shall be structurally sound too and attached securely to the beds.

8. Mattress foundations have to be fastened or placed securely in order to prevent dislodgment.

You can use those requirements for bunk bed safety rail as your guide when shopping in order to determine how safe the bunk bed is for your children.