Bunk Bed with a Slide Design to Captivate Kids’ Hearts

Making bedroom to pamper little kids is an easy case. The answer is to put bunk bed with a slide in the room. Work like a magic, the room cannot be just a fantasy in the children’s mind. The bunk bed reflects it very well. Go one step closer to transform the rest are into playground. There are some decorating ideas to follow by purchasing fabulous design in Amazon. So find the way from these options to make everyone happy.

Increasing Fun with 5 Bunk Bed with a Slide Purchase

DHP Junior Loft with Slide

The room will get an instant cheerful and enjoyable atmosphere with DHP’s Junior Loft with Slide. Available in white and silver, the loft bed can accommodate one twin mattress. Completed with slide, there is also a rail pocket beside the bed which is ideal as storage. It can be used to store books, video games, and all other toys. The bunk bed with a slide and stairs is easy to put together with sturdy construction in weight capacity up to 200 lbs.

Twin Tent Loft with Slide and Slat-Kits in Light Espresso Pink Tent

Second, in the site, another appealing selection is on Twin Tent Loft Slide Included and Slat-Kits in Light Espresso from Donco Kids. It is manufactured by solid pine wood construction with integrated ladder and tent included. It looks great with some available tent colors which are blue, camo, pink, and red.

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Bunk bed with slide and tent contains durable wax finish to protect the surfaces. The kids would get enough with the slide. It can be removed when it is not needed. The slide is belonging to long one so they can play with more fun.

When considering bunk bed with slide plans, it does not need to doubt the next one. It is Coaster Home Furnishings’ Slide Bunk Bed with Tent. Within $385.39, the kids would fall for the red, yellow, and blue collaboration to provoke the cute design.

Double Bunk Beds with Slide for Sale

This is comparable to the previous one as it also had tent in dimension of 115”L x 100”W x 50”H bed. In details, the bed is designed in gloss paint with metal, cloth, and polyester as the materials. Colorful choice would absolutely work best for kids. It seems to worth every penny the parent spent as they got the cute kids reaction after bought it.

DHP Junior Fantasy Loft Bed Silver with Red Slide

Dora the Explorer brand also has its own piece in Boys’ Fire Department Slide Twin Loft Bed. The weight is about 45 pounds with dimension of 78 x 41.5 x 42.5 inches. With such a specific theme like fire department in the tent design, the kids who get inspired from Firemen will love it so much. With the space underneath the bed, it can be used as playground to be placed with another bed to be double bunk bed with slide. It is not too tall for the bed frame and fairly easy to assemble.

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The last selection comes to Princess Castle Twin Bunk Bed Tent with Slide from Powell Furniture. At the ground level, it is covered with purple and pink 100% polyester microfiber fabric tent and tower to be used as extra bed inside. The frame looks sturdy with steel bed frame construction in white powder coat finish. Not to be left, ladder and slide are attached for entry and exit. For the price check on Amazon.com without mattress for the bunk bed with a slide.