Bunk Bed with Closet: Great Choice for Space Saving Furniture

Everyone is now getting more interested in bunk beds. The reason is simple, they’re space saver. If you have small bedroom while you need to be with someone else in that room, or you have 2 children yet you only have one small room, you can put a bunk bed inside.

It’s for space saving solution. However, there is still one type of bunk bed which is loved by many people. It’s bunk bed with closet and desk underneath. If it’s not underneath, some of them are beside the bed. What are the recommended one? Let’s see them from Amazon.

Two Recommended Bunk Bed with Closet

1. Kids Loft Twin Bed with Desk Navy and Natural

Kids Loft Twin Bed with Desk Navy and Natural

One bunk bed with closet underneath example is this one. Charleston Loft Bed is very ideal for a small room. This kind of loft bed will surely provide the versatile place for your children working on their homework and studying activity. Not only that, this trundle bunk bed with closet is also good to sleep and play. It has concealed desk which rolls out for providing an ample workspace.

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Bunk Bed with Full Size Bottom for Convenience

Bunk Bed with Full Bed on Bottom You Might Be Attracted

This product features strong, step ladder, 3 drawers and also shelves for additional storage. There is also enclosed area that comes with durable steel guardrails for safety. This bed is just ready to be assembled. It arrives in three boxes twin side bed like: 78.8” wide, 50.2” deep and 50” high.

Girl Bunk Bed With Closet and Desk for Sale

2. Loft Bed with Desk Espresso Twin Size

If you are not looking for girls bunk bed with closet, this bunk bed might be your choice. This Savanah Loft Bed that is coming with bed, desk as well as storage is very great and ideal for the compact space or your small bedroom. It provides your versatile as well as efficient place for working, playing and sleeping.

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It has spacious cabinet coming with 3 positions, desk pulls that are all the way out, 3 large drawers, adjustable shelf, and 2 steep steel ladders which are very sturdy.

Loft Bed with Desk Espresso Twin Size

The material of this bunk bed with closet and desk is MDF composite wood which is also with melamine covering. Its enclosed sleep area also includes heavy duty steel safety rails. And there is steel mattress support system. Unfortunately, the mattresses aren’t included when you purchase this bunk bed. The standard mattresses are twin size. The box spring and mattress are sold separately. The desk and the twin size bed needs self assembly. The dimension of this bed with closet and desk underneath is 78.8” wide, 50.2” deep and 50” high.

Two recommended bunk beds on Amazon offer you different choices of bunk bed. You can choose one that catches your attention. In short, those bunk beds are very special since they have desk and closet underneath. They’re sold in a very fair price with the promising quality and the price. Don’t forget to read buyer’s review before purchasing one. So, which bunk bed with closet and desk underneath you will purchase?