Bunk Bed with only Top Bunk for a Smart Space Saving Solution

The lack of square footage surely is a significant constraint when it comes to furnishing a small room. Even so, this should never be a reason not to make sure that the chamber is complemented with all the necessary pieces of furniture.

In a small bedroom, for example, the limited floor space can be addressed by using low height bunk beds instead of using the regular bed that will take up the precious area. With a bunk bed with top bunk only, you can thus benefit from the available space underneath the bed for other purposes.

Space-Saving Bunk Bed with only Top Bunk

DONCO Kids 760-CP Low Study Loft Bed Dark Cappuccino White

In fact, there are so many ideas and inspirations with the bed with only top bunk you can look up, and we have collected some of the bests for you below. As we have mentioned before, this type of bunk bed, which may also be referred as a loft bed, lifts the bed up to open up the floor space underneath you can use for other needs.

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This is why a loft bed is a highly popular choice for a small bedroom or a small living place such as a studio apartment.

Your Zone Twin Wood Loft Style Bunk Bed

If you prefer to create a work or study area underneath the bed, then the bunk beds with the desk will make an excellent reference and inspiration for you. What’s more, this is a very simplified configuration in a bedroom for kids or teenagers. You can thus squeeze a cozy study or work area right under the loft bed featuring a desk and chair, along with some drawers and even shelves to keep this quarter free from clutter. You can easily find a bunk bed with the desk like this in the stores too.

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Bunk Bed With Just Top Bunk With Stairs

If you want to optimize the storage capacity even in a smaller bedroom, then the bunk beds with stairs may make a genuinely impressive solution worth to consider. The built-in stairs will provide not only a more secure way to access the bed, but also to add more storage spaces in your room. And speaking of the stairs, which are relatively safer than a ladder, a bunk bed with built-in stairs will also make a perfect choice for a kid’s bedroom.

WE Furniture Twin Metal Loft Bed Silver

Instead of the bunk bed with just top bunk, you may prefer a bunk bed with another bed underneath. If this is what you want, but a regular bunk bed may not meet your particular needs, then you never need to worry at all. The space under the loft bed, after all, is highly versatile and flexible. You can simply add bed, be it a futon, trundle bed, or any extra bed, go figure out which way is the best for you!

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In a studio apartment, a bunk bed with only top bunk can make a brilliant solution to deal with the limited square footage without having to sacrifice the needs for a cozy living area. Only arrange a bunch of chairs under the loft bed and… voila! Alternatively, opt for a sofa bed instead so you can provide an extra bed whenever a guest visits you to stay overnight!