Bunk Beds for Three: Space-Saving Solution for Your Kid’s Room

As we all know, a bunk bed makes a great space-saving solution in a bedroom for kids. However, the most common design for a bunk bed consists of two beds that are stacked upon each other, thus offering more sleeping space in a room without having to take up more floor space.

As if it is not enough, apparently you can still add more comfort for a cozy night’s sleep time with the bunk beds for three! Even if you don’t have more than one child, a bunk bed is always an interesting choice for a kid’s room so your kid’s friend can sleep comfortably when he stays overnight.

Kind Bunk Beds for Three

Three sleeper Bunkbed – 3ft Single Triple sleeper Bunk Bed

Fortunately, it is not difficult to find the triple bunk beds for sale. Whether you buy from online marketplaces or from brick and mortar stores, go find the perfect triple bunk bed that will fit in your kid’s room! For example, there is this twin triple bunk bed from Chelsea Home Furniture made from pine wood. It uses solid pine construction for durability and strength, which are unquestionably critical for a triple bunk bed, considering the total weight it has to carry. That being said, you should never skimp on the quality with a triple bunk bed!

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Even so, as we all know, quality always comes with price, which is seemingly always a true case with home furniture. That’s why no matter how tempting the cheap bunk beds for three are, don’t be blinded by the low price so easily. Bear in mind that cheap and discount items are different with the first which is inexpensive due to the low production cost that may be caused by the use of cheap, low quality materials. Meanwhile, discount items are mostly cheaper in price for minor imperfections that do not affect the construction as a whole.

Corner Triple Bunk Beds Plans for Sale

When you are designing the triple bunk bed plans, space will always be crucial. Just like when you buy a new bed of any model or size, always measure the room first. And with a triple bunk bed, the height of the ceiling is always critical. Considering the construction, it goes without saying that a triple bunk bed is a most ideal choice in a room with high ceiling.

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So, what if the bedroom ceiling is not that high? Well, you should never worry at all! There are so many options for bunk beds for three you can find to meet your needs without having to worry that the kids will hit their head on the underside of the bed above them! For instance, there’s the triple bunk bed which middle bunk can be rotated to form an L shape.

Be it the regular or corner bunk beds for three you plan on buying, there are so many options the market offers. Again, never skimp on the strength, sturdiness, and durability for the safety of your kids. In addition to that, you will also need to check the safety features already built into the bunk beds for three or any possibilities for extra features to buy too for both safe and cozy night’s sleep time.