Bunk Beds with Desk and Drawers: Making the Choice Based on the Needs

If you have been searching for many kinds of bunk beds, we are sure that you realize there are countless choices for us to choose from such bed. With boundless options like that, we know that it is hard to find the best one of all. Well, bunk beds with desk and drawers can be the best if they meet your needs the most. So, keep this in mind while you make your search. Let’s see here now.

Bunk Beds with Desk and Drawers – 1 Upper Bed & 1 Lower Desk

The first choice we have here is pretty simple, indeed. Just because it is bunk bed, it does not necessarily mean that you always get 2 beds from it. This kind of wooden bunk beds with desk and drawers here for example, has the most common design of all. It is built with 2-story structure in mind. There is stair used here instead of ladder that leads from the floor to the upper bed above.

Donco Kids Low Loft Bed with Desk, Twin, Dark Grey

The stair is actually a pile of drawers. You can really store your stuff there. The lower space below the upper bed is not one designed for another bed. It is not twin over full bunk bed with desk and drawers after all.

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Instead of having another bed, the lower space is entirely used as study area with desk, chair, and drawers. You might get open shelves at one side of this bunk bed. Beds like this would be best to pick for one kid only, indeed.

Bunk Beds with Desk and Drawers – 2 Beds & 1 Side Study Desk

The second kind of loft bunk beds with desk and drawers we have this time is one you should go after if you have twin kids. As you might have guessed, you will still get upper bed even in this choice. On the front, you get ladder at one side, but it is built sideways instead of vertically straight. Meanwhile, you have drawers at another side. What about the second bed then? Do we get it here?

Twin Over Twin Size Bunk Beds Loft Bed with Shelves & 4 Drawers for Kids (White)

You don’t have to worry. This is twin bunk bed with desk and drawers we are talking about here. So, you get lower bed to use for sleeping. However, instead of having it in the same position like the upper bed, it is straight out from the lower space between the ladder and the drawers.

Donco Kids Low Study Loft Bed, White

Where is the desk then? From this choice, you get the desk built in at one side of this bunk bed. It is small, but should be enough for kid to use. Isn’t it nice?

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From the discussion above, you should have known clearly that even bunk beds can appear differently from each other. If you only need the kind of bunk beds with desk and drawers that is meant for one kid with spacious study area, the first choice would make the best pick.

However, if you have twins instead and don’t mind with small desk, the second must be one you should seek for. Bunk beds with desk and drawers might have one bed with spacious study area, but the desk would at small side and space if you need two beds instead.