Bunk Beds with Full on Bottom: Providing More Sleeping Space

Just like any regular bed, bunk beds are also offered in various sizes which follow the fitting mattress size. That being said the bunk beds are also available in different options of size, which are commonly from twin to full.

There are also bunk beds which sizes are also non-standard, depending on the manufacturers. As for today, we will focus on bunk beds with full on bottom, which may be either full over full, such as Donco’s twin over full mission bunk bed, or twin over full bunk beds.

Bunk Beds with Full on Bottom for Your Room

Duro Wesley Twin over Full Bunk Bed Silver

That being said, when you are making the bunk bed with full bottom, you will need to make sure that the bedroom can fit the piece of furniture perfectly. As we all know, compared to the twin bed size, the full one is wider. For your reference, the common dimensions of twin over twin bunk bed are around 68 inches high x 42 inches wide x 80 inches long. Meanwhile, the full over full bunk beds are generally around 68 inches wide x 60 inches wide x 80 inches long.

DHP Over Futon Metal Bunk Bed Black

The bunk beds with full on bottom plans are an ideal choice for your growing kids. This way, they make a great option if you want your kid’s bedroom to grow with your children. On the other hand, a full bunk bed is also ideal for a guest room, where adults may be using the room too.

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Even so, the dimensions of a full sized mattress and bed may feel a little cramped for taller adults. You can also provide more sleeping space with a full sized bunk bed so whenever your children’s friends are coming for a sleepover, you can still accommodate them.

Wooden and Metal Bunk Beds with Full on Bottom and Trundle

For more sleeping surface aside from the one offered by each bunk level, you can still do this without having to take up the floor space in the room, the bunk beds with full on bottom and trundle surely are an option worth considering. Donco’s bunk bed full over full with trundle is one of the options the stores offer. In addition to that, the trundle bed can also be moved so easily from room to room, making it a simple and quick solution for a guest bed,

Dorel Home Products Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed Black

Choose between metal or wooden bunk beds with full on bottom; your choice will always depend on your personal preference. After all, both metal and wood are the most popular options for bed material in general. There are various options of wood types, as well as an array of finishes.

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Hence, it is often an easy task to find a bunk bed that will complement your preferred design style. Meanwhile, the metal bunk beds with full on bottom are lighter than high quality wood and usually not as expensive. Even so, metal bunk beds can become creaky after years of use.

Be it the full over full such or twin over full bunk bed, choose whichever bunk beds with full on bottom you prefer. You may also need to consider the extra features, such as built-in drawers and stairs with drawers, which will provide more functionality in the bedroom where the bunk bed will be used.