Bunk Beds with Steps: How the Steps Are Designed in the Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are offered in various different ways, you see. That is why it is fun to look through all of bunk beds offered in the market before you make your choice to buy. Well, based on how kid would climb up to the upper bed, bunk beds are differed into one that goes with ladder and the other that goes with stairs or steps. Bunk beds with steps themselves do vary in the stair design. Let’s see here.

Drawer Stairs with No Handle in Bunk Beds with Steps

The first step design we have here is the most common of all. The stair cases are made of drawers. They are piled from bigger to smaller ones from the floor. Well, even if they look like real stairs, you don’t get handle to grab on as you climb up to the upper bed. Still, such kind of wooden bunk beds with steps is safe enough for kids to climb for there would be tall planks to cover two sides of stairs.

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Drawer Stairs with Curved Wooden Handle of the Beds

Full Stairway Bunk Beds Twin Over Full Size for Kids with 4 Storage Drawers in The Steps and a Trundle (Grey)

The second stair design is pretty much similar to the first one above. However, instead of having the planks of wood tall and square, the one applied in this bunk bed with steps and drawers has the wood planks cut in curved way. By doing so, you will be able to use them as handle for kids to grab on as they climb up the stairs. This idea might be simple, but smart and creative for kids’ bunk beds.

Drawer Stairs with Steel Handle in Straight but Sideways

Twin-Over-Twin Bunk Bed for Kids, 3 Twin Bunk Bed with Storage and Trundle, Wood

The third step design is one that really has handle planned for the stairs to begin with. Just like in real stairs, you have the stair cases attached with steel handle and hollow part from pole to pole. Of course, the handle on top would be straight but sideways. Still, drawers are used instead of real stair cases. However, this is what makes bunk bed step ladder look all the more unique and interesting.

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Drawer Stairs with Wooden Handle in Straight Sideways

Twin Over Twin Stair Stepper Bed with 3 Drawers in White Finish

The fourth stair design this time is actually pretty much similar to the third design before. You get the stair cases made of a pile of drawers in different size. Also, instead of wood planks to get on right and left of the stairs, you get normal stair handle here in bunk beds with side steps. What’s different is that the handle is simply made of wood instead of steel. It makes nice alternative to choose from.

Wooden Steps Attached beside Drawers in Bunk Beds

The fifth design of stairs in bunk beds with steps we have here has the drawers facing the side instead of the front. Yes, drawers are no more used as the steps here. Instead, wood planks are attached on their side in different size, thus creating stairs to climb up to the upper bed. There is no handle, but the tall wooden stick on the sides should be enough for kids to grab on as they climb up.

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Bunk beds with steps have their stairs designed differently to each other. Drawers or wood planks would be used as the steps with or without handle.