California King Bedroom Sets for Master Bedroom

Master bedroom is a perfect place in your home that you use to rest and regain your energy for activity on the next day. For some people, having comfortable master bedroom is not enough. If you one of those people, consider using California king bedroom sets.

This particular set is not only comfortable, but also stylish. The same appearance is used on five star hotels or house exhibits. Having it on your master bedroom will definitely improves its comfort significantly. You will be able to regain all the energy you use for long day. The king size of the bed on this set is recommended for master bedroom with generous space.

Things Offered by California King Bedroom Sets

4pc California King Bedroom Sets in Black Finish4pc California King Size Bedroom Set in Black Finish

As mentioned before, you might want to include the bedroom set in large master bedroom. However, how big is a California king bed? Compared to ordinary king bed, California king bed has slightly difference in size. However, this slight difference is able to give full experience of night sleep.

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Even though the dimension is narrower, it has more length than common dimension for king bed. The overall dimension of California king bed is about 72 by 84 inches. Meanwhile, ordinary king size bed is 76 by 80 inches. This dimension might different from one manufacturer to other manufacturer by half inch.

Tuscan Colonial Style Dark Pine Finish Cal King Size 6-Piece Bedroom SetTuscan Colonial Style Dark Pine Finish Cal King Size 6-Piece Bedroom Set

For those of you who are having taller body proportions, California king bed is highly recommended. It is also good for sleepers who need sufficient space for sleeping. Couple can also use this particular type of bed as well. The bed itself will mostly suitable if it is coupled with California king size bedroom sets.

Because California king bed is not common mattress, finding bed sheet in a perfect size will be difficult. Fortunately, the set is already includes bed sheet in the perfect size.

Modern California King Size Platform Bedroom Furniture Sets

As for the bed frame, you can use California king size bedroom furniture sets. As it goes with the bed sheet, the bed frame is already in the precise size for the bed. Most of the bed frame from this furniture set is made out of wood material. The wood is carved in any style you need to match with your master bedroom interior. Most of the bed frames are coming with floral carving design. However, you can also order for customized style with additional cost.

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Furniture of America Archimedes 3-Piece English Style Bedroom SetFurniture of America Archimedes 3-Piece English Style Bedroom Set

For those of you who prefer modern design to classic floral design, you can opt for modern California king bedroom sets. This bed frame still uses wood material. However, the carving design is minimalist. Instead of exposing its natural grain texture, the wood is covered with paint and coating layers. Despite its distinctive texture is not visible, the design is stylish.

For master bedroom interior design, you need more than bed frame to make the layout looks impressive. The California king platform bedroom sets include other furniture that will make the layout better. Bedside table is one of the furniture pieces in the sets. This bedside table feature drawer. It is also made out of the same material and style as the bed frame.

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