Choosing Vintage Bedroom Furniture and the Arrangements

Vintage bedroom furniture will always stay up-to-date. If you forgive scratches on the furniture and even love the scratches or adore the faded paint, then maybe you are into vintage style. Now, you might want to redecorate your bedroom into old style. This recently popular style is forgiving. It takes anything thrown at it and molds them into something charming and reminding us to a good old life atmosphere.

Throw in some old weather-beaten furniture, new multi-colored yet soft toned furniture, or even recycled stuff. It will be even better at giving of its aura. However, the vintage style still has a few rules. The following are some basic tips to apply and find the old bedroom furniture sets.

Vintage Bedroom Furniture and the Arrangements

French Vintage Bedroom Furniture Ivory White Vanity Dressing Table Set Makeup Desk with Stool and MirrorFrench Vintage Ivory White Vanity Dressing Table Set Makeup Desk with Stool and Mirror Bedroom

Vintage look bedroom furniture can be achieved with simple tricks. For first, you may need to choose the right bed. A solid wood bed will be perfect for a start. You can leave it unpainted or have it finished with natural and soft toned colors to add the vintage effects. If you have time, you can paint yourself. The steps are simple. You need only some paints. Any water-based chalk or matt paint will do.

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Then, you need some sandpapers and beeswax. Apply two thin layers Matt paints to your bed. The next step is a sanding process. Sand the edges, corners, and the detail gently to reveal the wood surfaces a little. Furthermore, you can apply wax with the soft cotton cloth. Finally, paint one layer again on the sanded spots. You can do the painting for other furniture in the room to have actual effects of your vintage bedroom furniture sets.

Coaster Home Furnishings 900210 Accent Chair and Ottoman in Vintage French Print FabricCoaster Home Furnishings 900210 Accent Chair and Ottoman in Vintage French Print Fabric

The choice of color for your old bedroom is not only natural brown colors. Any other colors will do the same as long as it reminds you of good old memories, such as the blue jeans color, old red cola, or golden yellow. You may even do it with white.

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With just the same painting methods, you can make white vintage bedroom furniture. Add some floral patterns to your old bedroom for adding the cute effects. A floral bedding set, cushions or curtain in a softly opposing colors and patterns can bring freshness to the overall vintage look of your room. These are applied not only for white, but you can also do an experiment to make black vintage bedroom furniture.

South Shore Vintage 2-Drawer Night Stand Dark MahoganySouth Shore Vintage 2-Drawer Night Stand Dark Mahogany

It is not only the bed and other furnishings that bring out the old atmosphere, but the overall room’s parts are also the key aspect of the vintage effects. The bare and beaten down plank floors will do well in enhancing the effects, as well as the bare and rough beams.

You can also change your wallpaper with soft matt color and floral pattern. Vintage style moves around softly the clashing colors and natural sources like wood, battered metal, or old glass. Moreover, they are set on a soft toned rug with plank floors. Now, are you ready to do some vintage redoing?