Classic Bedroom Interior with North Shore Queen Size Bedroom Set

The most interior designer suggested North Shore queen size bedroom set for classic bedroom interior designed for several reasons. The main reason is related to its distinctive design. The wood frame of this bedroom set is made out of durable timber. Aside from having good quality, the wood is also carved with floral design.

The bulky dimension of this product has the same stylish layout as it goes with the Victorian bedroom. It can be combined with other bedroom ornaments such as the rug. It is the most suitable for bedroom interior with wooden flooring ideas. If you intended to incorporate such bedroom set for your perfect bedroom, you might want to know about its variation.

How to Work with North Shore Queen Size Bedroom Set on Classic Bedroom Interior

There is one thing you need to keep in mind about classic bedroom interior. The furniture of this bedroom is arranged in such a way to create an elegant impression. When it comes to the furniture placement, the bed is never placed at the corner as it goes with modern bedroom interior. As the biggest furniture in the room, you need to put North Shore bedroom set in the middle of the wall. Place bedside table on each side of this furniture.

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North Shore Queen Size Bedroom Set By Ashley Sleigh Bed Dark BrownNorth Shore By Ashley Queen Sleigh Bed Dark Brown Bedroom Set

Having bed frame with premium quality and floral carving alone is not enough to make your bedroom have the classic impression. You also need the suitable mattress for your bed. Keep in mind that product by this company comes with bulky dimension.

Therefore, the ordinary bed might not be able to compensate for the design. Fortunately, North Shore queen size bedroom set and mattresses are sold in one package. It allows you to get comfortable mattress at the exact size of the bed frame. The installation of this mattress is easy. Moreover, it also comes with comforter and bed sheet as well.

Black and White North Shore Queen Size Bedroom Set

North Shore Bedroom BenchNorth Shore Bedroom Bench

Most of the queen size bedroom manufactured by this company shows the distinctive color of the wood. However, you can also get black North Shore queen size bedroom set for your classic bedroom interior. The dark color of this bedroom set is achieved from the type of wood used.

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Spruce wood is the main material that is able to give dark color. Since the color of this bedroom set is already dark, it creates elegant impression if used on bedroom interior with wooden flooring. Some of the products with the spruce wood material also come with four wooden columns to support the mosquito net or merely for aesthetic purpose only.

Incorporating bedroom set with black color is easy. The story would be completely different if you decided to use the product with the white color option. The white North Shore queen size bedroom set is also offered to complete your classic bedroom interior.

The material used for this bedroom set is birch wood. This material has distinctive white color along with its grainy texture. Working with such bedroom set is tricky since you will need to incorporate decoration with the similar color theme without making it looks like minimalist bedroom interior.

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