Country King Size Bedroom Sets with Excellent Accent

Country decoration has strong relation with nature style, though the certain part is different. For the bedroom, you may hear about king, queen, or double bed size. It is a matter of size that’s used by people. There is no definite number about how long queen or king bedroom.

For your reference, country king size bedroom sets can be installed in the big room with the length more than six meters. Besides the room size, you may find some interesting ideas to put them into application

Designing Country King Size Bedroom Set


Pioneer Country King Size Bedroom Set Style Weathered Elm Finish 6-PiecePioneer Country Style Weathered Elm Finish King Size 6-Piece Bedroom Set

Before buying country bedroom sets, you need to know the characteristics of this style. The furniture uses two primary materials: wood and metal. Wood is used twice or three times of metal in the bedroom. Meanwhile, metal can be found as frame or pillar in bed. Besides, metal is additional cover in cupboard or surface of the nightstand.

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For information, King size sets mean the furniture is for a large room and it can be occupied by more than two people. Of course, this kind of room can be found in the big house. Complete set of bedroom consists of several furnishings. It depends on purchasing package. The primary one is bed then chair, cupboard, console table, stools, drawer, dresser, etc.

Style Rustic Weathered Oak Finish Cal King Size Bedroom SetStyle Rustic Weathered Oak Finish Cal King Size Bedroom Set

To apply country style king size bedroom sets, you may try some derivative ideas. Combine rustic and nature style to enhance the country theme. Rustic relies on the abstract pattern in the room. Wall color is gray, and the floor is wooden-made.

For furniture, you can use log bed that shows the raw pattern in bed paint. Keep in mind that rustic is not about the corrosive stain on metal. It focuses on the combination between color, furniture shape, room decoration, and furniture arrangement. There is no definite rule about rustic as long as you feel more nature in the chamber with fancy and genuine pattern on the wood.

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Big Black Country King Size Bedroom Sets for Boys

As stated earlier, big country king size bedroom sets are exclusive for a large room. The size of furniture is big. As you know, King is placed at the top level of chain command. Well, king bedroom tends to be premium or luxury.

It is similar to diamond package or presidential suit in the five-star hotel. Of course, you can implement king size in any room as long as the furnishings are fitted. The first thing you have to do is measuring the space in your room.

Gabrielle French Country Style Dark Cherry Finish Eastern King Size Bedroom SetGabrielle French Country Style Dark Cherry Finish Eastern King Size Bedroom Set

One of the good styles is the black country king size bedroom sets. The design aims to deliver dark tone inside the room. Color and lighting systems play an essential role in this decoration. The color is not only black, but also brown and gray.

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Normally, country room incorporates some windows to let sunlight passes, though. In black style, you can use lighting fixture to ignite the room. You can also use the main lamp in the center of the ceiling and add two desk lamps. LED is new technology to deliver smooth effect and save the energy.

Besides certain theme, the bedroom is decorated to suit the person who sleeps there. For boys, the country is the good alternative. Country king size bedroom sets for boys are smoother in color and design. The design still uses country concept, but it adds the recent technology such as computer desk or modern TV stand. It makes boys feel more comfortable when staying in the bedroom.

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