Country Queen Size Bedroom Sets For Creative and Attractive Decoration

Queen size of the bedroom has the different measurement between one country and others. USA, Europe, UK, Singapore, Australia, and Japan have their standard of bed size.

In spite of difference, queen size is the second place after king bed. Of course, it is not something absolute. For decoration, country queen size bedroom sets are suitable for big space. In the next section, you will see several designs that suitable with queen type of bedroom.

Implementing Country Queen Size Bedroom Sets at Home

In country bedroom sets, the design comes from simple to complex style. Before you start to arrange a room with this set, it will be better to know certain aspects. Regardless the size, bedroom set consists of original furniture and additional parts. Bed is primary furniture in this set. Other parts are drawer, cabinet, nightstand, desk, cupboard, table, chair, stools, and carpet. Bedroom set also incorporates wall and floor design.

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Ashley Wyatt Iron Poster Country Queen Size Bedroom Set in Rich Oak FinishAshley Wyatt Iron Poster Queen Size Bedroom Set in Rich Oak Finish

Country style has the close relation with nature and rustic touch. Country design means decoration that’s usually used in the countryside or rural area. Primary material is wood. Since the room is in queen size, the house should be big and have large space. The only queen size in this set is the bed. Some countries call it as the double size bedroom. Queen size bed is affordable to handle two people in the same room.

Pioneer Country Style Weathered Elm Finish Queen Size 6-Piece Bedroom SetPioneer Country Style Weathered Elm Finish Queen Size 6-Piece Bedroom Set

When talking about antique, two things come to mind directly. Antiquely is old and unique. Old furniture may be the source of antique country queen size bedroom sets. However, you need be careful about this matter. Old furniture is fragile and easy to be broken, particularly of wooden material. To prevent such thing, you need to make sure every part of the furniture is in the good condition, particularly for bed.

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Contemporary Country Queen Size Bedroom Sets for Boys

Bed with an antique design is unique because you cannot find it easily at a store. This furniture is customized product or designed as the limited edition. The price is slightly higher than normal, but you will get satisfaction as the sole owner. Complete set of antique bedroom might be difficult to get, but you can start to collect one by one and make sure the design is fitted with room country theme.

Conrad Country Style Rustic Oak Finish Queen Size Bed Frame SetConrad Country Style Rustic Oak Finish Queen Size Bed Frame Set

Implementing country style in the bedroom does not mean lack of innovative and creative aspect. You will like a recent product that’s dedicated to contemporary design. The combination between nature and contemporary country queen size bedroom sets brings the ultimate room decoration.

Bed is designed in Queen size with classic footboard and headboard. The material for pillar is metal to the show contemporary aspect. Moreover, the wall color is gray or bright brown. You can pick the natural stone, brick, or wood for flooring. The color is dark, such as black or gray. In country style, try to put less white.

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Furthermore, the bedroom is personal room, so designers need to know who will use the chamber. For boys, the room should be more cheerful without lack of manly accent. Country queen size bedroom sets for boys combine contemporary and antique accent.

You need to put furniture to represent the recent trend. Besides, add technology aspect such as laptop desk. For antique touch, it can be seen from bed and wardrobe. Add windows to let sunlight enter the room and desk lamp to support the activity at night.

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