Country Style Bedroom Furniture and How to Design Your Own

When it comes to designing a country style bedroom interior, the country style bedroom furniture surely is the perfect match to complement your space. Country itself is a wide-ranging design style that will depend on geographical location.

Even so, this style is exemplified generally by the choice of primitive furniture, vintage fabrics, muted colors, and milk-painted finishes. If you are interested in embracing this furniture design style into your bedroom setting, then this article will serve as a helpful guide and reference for you. Keep reading!

Wonderful Country Style Bedroom Furniture

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To find the country furniture for you to use, your grandmother’s attic is always a perfect place to start. There are flea markets too, where the country bedroom furniture are not difficult to find.

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When you are shopping for the country style furniture for bedroom, we highly recommend you to look for items that feature straight lines, very little to no ornamentation, and painted finishes. Keeping the look as natural and simple as possible is what makes the country style furniture unique and also timeless.

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Other good news with the country style bedroom sets is what style your home interior is doesn’t matter at all. Country style can always find its way to fit in any space, thanks to its wide-ranging style. For example, if you prefer your bedroom to be airy and light, the white painted bedroom set will be the perfect match.

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On the other hand, if your style preference is something that screams cozy and warm, go for a bed featuring a salvaged wood headboard. Even if your bedroom is a more modern one, this furniture style may not disappoint you. Country furniture style is also known for its design that focuses on function, which is why the more elaborate detailing isn’t common in it.

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Repurposed objects can lend you this feel and look, especially when country furniture, including the French country style bedroom furniture, is mostly something that is inherited or made of materials you already have on hand. In this case, the primitive patinas can serve you the most effective solution to showcase the country style effortlessly.

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For example, pair the white country style bedroom furniture with the salvaged wood headboard—this is something you can even make yourself for a DIY project! The salvaged barn door can make a great choice of material while its unique look can easily boost the visual appeal. Use weathered armoires and trunks to boost the storage capacity of your bedroom—distressing the wooden surface is also another DIY-worthy project.

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In general, think of a furniture arrangement that blends the cupboards featuring the distressed patinas, polished wood beds—sleigh beds are always recommended in country bedroom!—and freshly painted bedroom dresses as your choice of country style bedroom furniture can make a good start.

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And since it’s the old pieces you are going to buy, damages may be something likely common to find. Hence, inspect the furniture and see if you can afford to do any major furniture renovation or if you prefer something which can be easily updated with fabric or paint. Country style bedroom furniture is widely varied in terms of style. However, it has common characteristics that make this furniture design style unique.