Mostly Pick-Up Curio Cabinets List

Curio cabinets are mostly bought and used by the people as the display case. It is made up of glass combined with the framework of wood or metal. This kind of cabinet is usually used by collectors who want to show off what they have been collecting so far. It could be figurines, matches, hand-crafted dolls, cans, and everything that they want to put up for display.

When you observe closely about this curio cabinet, you will notice that most of the cabinets would be completed with mirror that is placed at the back. It is aimed to maximize the visibility and elongate the space visually. People would prefer choosing curio cabinet as it has its ability to prevent the collections away from the vermin and also dust. Even you can protect it by using the locked security so that there would be no theft occurred.

Verbalizing about what kind of curio cabinets that get along with you perfectly, you can curtail down your hundred of options by checking out this mostly pick-up cabinet. Here, the writer wants to give you the enlightenment about what to pick that seems better after finalizing your thoughts based on the pros and the cons from a product. Then you can judge and make decision.

Southern Enterprises Corner Curio Cabinet

Southern Enterprises Lighted Corner Curio Cabinet, Mahogany Finish with Antique Hardware

Southern Enterprises corner curio cabinet offers the buyers with three available adjustable shelves made of glass with two fixed shelves as well. It is divided by two top of the shelves use the adjustable shelves and one is placed at the lower cabinet.

At the back of the curio cabinet, mirrors are attached in order to enhance the amount of light that is going to enter the cabinet and to elongate the room visually. This curio cabinet is available in mahogany with its perfectly stylish finishes to complete the well-built body. For the dimension itself, it weighs around 83 pounds while each shelf can hold up to 10 pounds.

Be getting to know each pro and con that a product has, you will be much helped to figure out which one fits you the most with the least cons it has.


– Add the beauty and elegance to the place that you are going to put it in

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– After setting up, the result is completely the same as it was advertised

– The product has been designed to be easy to assemble although you are not a handyman, this can still be something that you can do

– The lights will accentuate the curio cabinet at night and you can still display your collections beautifully and perfectly


– Some parts of the shelves do not fit altogether

– It does not really suit big space since it seems to be narrow on its side

– Doors have a bit gap that enables dust to enter and it should have been solved

– Stocking the glass for each shelf has to be totally careful or you will break the glass while doing that

Shortly, this kind of product is good for those who want to enhance the look of their living room or family room which is not too wide. You can buy it and assemble it by yourself since it is practically easy to be finished. The presence of lights on the curio cabinet will accentuate the whole collections more completely.

Coaster Home Curio Cabinet

Coaster Home Furnishings 950179 Curio Cabinet, Black

Coaster home curio cabinet is another way to go product of the curio cabinet when you are looking for the sleek, stylish, and also minimalist. It is different with the previous product as it does not provide the classic look in contrast it gives the modern and sleek touch. Its finish frame is in the black color.

It has two shelves made of glass but at the base of the cabinet, you can place your things to display there. For people whose house has the modern style, this should be the one to advance your whole interior value. Here are the pros and cons of Coaster home product to check.


– The glass is crack free and the base is scratch free

– 5 years warranty

– Practical and easy to assemble

– Does not take up a lot of space at home

– You can add lights and other accessories to make it better


– Heavier than expected since the glass is thick and also heavy

– Some parts of the glasses do not fit one another since some parts may be too big and too small

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In other words, when you are going to provide the sleek, stylish, and also modern look of the curio cabinet then this can be your option to go for. Everyone can simply assemble part of this curio cabinet since it is totally user friendly. It does not feel like too much. In fact, it is quite hard to remove since it is very heavy to lift.

Pulaski Curio Cabinet

Pulaski Curio, 25 by 11 by 70-Inch, Medium Brown

Another consideration that you can think of when you want to purchase a curio cabinet is Pulaski curio cabinet. It is a trapezoid shape curio cabinet that has its mainly material of Oak tree. This cabinet has 4 shelves that are made up of glass which are all adjustable.

What completes this cabinet is the usage of hinged doors. People who have small but high in traffic space would be better with this kind of cabinet. It goes well with its classic style to enhance the look of your house. It is completed with mirror at the back of the cabinet in order to expand the space visually.


– Fit high traffic space

– Classic style with its trapezoid shape and Oak tree material

– Sturdy and easy to assemble

– Can hold a lot of collections to display


– The size is a bit small compared to the price

– The glass seems to be heavy thus you have to be careful in the process of assembling

To sum up, Pulaski curio cabinet is the trapezoid shape cabinet which has small size of the body but it can hold for more than you can think of. It suits for homes which have high traffic. In other words, you can swap two cabinets into this single Pulaski single cabinet. It saves money when you think of that way, however, for some other people it sounds way killing when it comes to price since they expect it to be huge and also worth their money.

Kings Curio Cabinet with Glass Sliding Door

Kings Brand Furniture Wood Curio Cabinet with Glass Sliding Doors, White

As it is named as Kings curio cabinet, the size of this cabinet is way beyond the standard. It comes out in big size even with its glass sliding door. It has the white finish in the material of wood. When you have vacant and blank space at home, this would bring the instant change at home to make it better.

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In simpler words, you can make the entire look of your house to be fancier and prettier. It does not give you the sleek and minimalist since it is pretty and tasteful. Sometimes people especially parents would like this kind of cabinet for their daughters as the place for dolls and everything related to something fancier.


– Fancy, classy, beautiful, and sturdy

– Easy to assemble as you will require less than an hour to finish setting up

– Can be used as decorative interior furniture


– The finishes are not perfectly covered up

– Some parts come up with minor scratches and also defects which are totally disappointing

To summarize of all this, this one should have been your major option when it comes to decorative interior piece either for your living room, or guest room, or even your children’s room. It looks simple yet classy and beautiful at the same time. However, some cases people find it dented and not perfectly covered up. In fact it is still worth your money.

Pulaski Half Round Curio Cabinet

Pulaski Half Round Curio, 32 by 17 by 76-Inch, Dark Brown

Similar to its name, this is another curio cabinet that has the shape of half round. It has four different shelves with glasses. The curio cabinet is made up of hardwood solid and also veneers in the finishes of chocolate cherry. They are completed with adjustable shelves with its glass doors too.

For the writer personally, this Pulaski half round cabinet will fit into huge house since it will take up the space perfectly. At the back of the cabinet, you will notice the presence of mirror for expanding the space of the cabinet visually. It can go well with both traditional and modern interior.

Here are the pros and cons of the cabinet to let you know which one seems perfect to you and your interior design.


– Can be used in both modern and traditional interior

– The glides are all adjustable so that you can choose your own level of the shelves

– There is interior lighting attached in it

– Big space for each shelf


– Scratches and dents are found after the product has arrived

– The color of the product might be different with the real one

In conclusion, this Pulaski half round cabinet is the flexible product that fills up the space. It is a good way to fill the space by choosing the right curio cabinets.