Dark Oak Nightstands with Drawers – Tricks to Prevent the Gloomy Side

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To refresh the bedroom look, there are some ideas to apply. It does not need to change overall design. By giving an enhancement beauty in particular spot, the bedroom will look like in a brand new vision. Nightstand becomes one of the items to be concerned when having a bedroom redecoration. It is a good idea to give the stronger character in the room by defining dark oak nightstands with drawers. The dark shade of the furniture is different from the natural one. However, sometimes people still have difficulty in decorating the room.

How to Decorate Bedroom with Dark Oak Nightstands with Drawers

Sauder 420782 Bleeker Street Night Stand Obsidian Oak

It is not that hard to decorate the dark oak finish in the room. There are some tricks to incorporate the item to combine the furniture without looking dark and gloomy. The first is to combine the nightstand with fresh color on its surround furniture.

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For example, the dark oak nightstands with drawers are placed side to side to a vibrant blue bed frame. It covers the gloomy look in dark furniture perfectly as the color can balance it. They look perfect in Victorian concept with the typical curves of the design.

Inside + Out Iohomes Prompe 3-Drawer Nightstand, Antique Dark Oak

Another way to decorate the bedroom is by creating the clean background on the walls. Dark furniture is beautiful of the contrast color. This is also valid in the dark wood nightstand with the drawer. The clean impression can be achieved by using white or bright paint. Do not be afraid to use white on walls. The white can bring the clean and warm feel. Using dark oak in other furnitures like bed and dresser will be good, too. Furthermore, the bright colored wall will also give a dramatic look against the dark nightstand.

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Dark Oak Nightstands with Drawers for Sale

What to note is that not every color is suitable for the nightstand. Apple green seems to be very impressive yet fresh for the bedroom. Pastel colors like pale pink, beige, vague gray are great to try too. Pick the shade that can be matched to the dark wooden shade. Furthermore, giving an accent like the use of pattern would be the next trick. The design can be attached in the drapery and rug near the nightstand. To soften the bold statement in the dark oak nightstands with drawers, use a sheer and shiny drapery or furry rug. People may love all black on the furniture, but do not forget to balance the look with bright art.

Furniture of America Laurelle 2-Drawer Nightstand Dark Oak

It remains the same as the background. Medium to large sized painting can adorn the walls even though the wall color is not that bright. The colorful painting would be suited in accordance with the bedroom concept. It is simple yet effective as tips when the owner does not have much time to repaint the bedroom walls.

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It is also important to pay attention to the space and lighting. This seems trivial for several people, but it is also effective to put the nightstand perfectly and give a nice sight to the entire design. To get such an inviting and dramatic feel, there is no need to exaggerate space and lighting surround the nightstand. Too much lighting will only give a plain look in the room. Give pendant lights above the nightstand along with the contrast rug will be amazing to make it as focal point attached to the dark oak nightstands with drawers.