Dark Wood Bedroom Sets for Classic and Modern Design

Bright and colorful furniture is not the only way to light up the bedroom. The dark wood bedroom sets are indeed capable of transforming the bedroom into space with vibrant ambiance. Especially for modern contemporary bedroom design, this furniture is simply perfect to create the most stunning bedroom design.

Most modern dark color palettes for furniture are including black, cherry wood, gray and brown. They can be easily matched with any flooring and wall coloring. For a room with lots of natural lights, these colors create the nicest contrast.

Classic Design for Dark Wood Bedroom Sets

Before modern contemporary design made an appearance and soon become a trend, the traditional design was the most favorable to homeowners from around the world. And when it comes to traditional bedroom design, there are several classic bedroom shapes and designs being the most popular.

Tuscan II Pine Finish Queen size Dark Wood Bedroom SetsTuscan II Dark Pine Finish Wood Queen Bedroom Set

The dark wood canopy bedroom sets top the list. This design is usually designated for king size bed placed in the master suite. The result is spectacular. Round solid wood pillars with dark natural finish blend very well with a light canopy over the headboard. It looks like a royal bedroom from the 18th century.

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Landaluce Transitional Style Antique Dark Oak Finish Eastern King SizeLandaluce Transitional Style Antique Dark Oak Finish Eastern King Size

Other most favorable designs are dark wood sleigh bedroom sets. This traditional bed frame style is as classy as canopy bed frame. It can even look more luxurious when added with leather upholstery. Imagine a dark brown bed frame with black leather upholstery. What a fantastic choice for the master suite. It fits very nice with dark wood vanity set across the bedroom.

Dark Cherry Wood Bedroom Furniture Sets Ideas

To match the dark cherry wood bedroom set, white or beige color palette, and polished flooring creates perfection. Cherry wood which looks like rotten maroon is known for being elegant and classy. Although it looks best on king size bed but double bunk bed is also worth to consider. Boys will love this dark wood palette as if they live in a luxurious classic bedroom.

Syracuse Transitional Style Dark Walnut Finish Queen Size Bed Frame SetSyracuse Transitional Style Dark Walnut Finish Queen Size Bed Frame Set

Do you still want more inspiring ideas for dark wood bedroom furniture sets? Consider the craftsman bedroom furniture set. Exactly, it has a signature style that can create a charming traditional bedroom. Dark brown bedroom palette nicely matches the white linen bedding. Across the bed, wooden French door with the similar color palette gives a beautiful completion. To keep the room clutter-free, choose light curtain hanged right below the ceiling and plain rug by the bed.

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The stylish dark wood bedroom set ideas are still continuing. This time the bedroom sets represent modern vibrant with a dark gray bedroom that is combined with the classic white bedroom palette. It creates bright and fresh ambiance.

The addition of dark gray dressers and vanity tables make the final look stunning. A clean cut bed frame is the best choice to get the sleek modern contemporary look for the bedroom. Adding a beautiful, comfortable rug cannot be wrong either for a perfect bedroom. Now that you are familiar with unlimited options of dark wood furniture for the bedroom choosing the right furniture doesn’t take too long.

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