Dining Table with Marble Top versus Wood Dining Table

When talking about dining table, most of the people will think about wood dining table. But, there are not few people who choose dining table design with marble top. Both of them are good. Dining table with wood is selected for its sturdy design and the long lasting use. And what about the dining table with marble top? It has more beauty rather than the wood dining table.

The dining table is indeed the most important thing to purchase which is going to be used the for pro dining room. Whether it is formal or casual dining room, you need to think about wood or marble dining table. These two materials are confusing and sometimes they have each pros and cons. To make your decision easier, here are some pros and cons and about marble and wood dining table.

Pros and Cons of Dining Table with Marble Top

Pompei Dining Table with Faux Marble Top

This kind of dining table usually features the slab of the marble which sits on the top of its base. That base could be made of so many various materials such as metal, wood, and even some other types of stones. These kinds of the table come in various sizes, colors, shapes, and designs.

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ReadBest Classical Marble Dining Table This Year

One example is dining table with Italian marble top. So many manufacturers might work with their customers only to find the beveled angled edge for a squared or rounded edge.

Furniture of America Alfaro Modern Faux Marble-Top Dining Table

Just like the other furniture, glass top dining table with marble base comes with pros and cons. Let’s begin with the pros. The marble base is often associated with the expensive taste. This kind of table top also will make people feel formal and classy. The other benefit of marble top is its sturdiness and durability that makes it lasts long.

ACME 70555 Kleef 5-Piece Dining Set Faux Marble Top

Unfortunately, there are also some drawbacks brought by marble top dining table. First, it requires high and regular maintenance to support its excellent look. It also needs regular sealing. Every time it gets spills, it should be cleaned immediately. It happens because the liquids will be able to seep to the stone and it will cause some damage of course. Furthermore, dining table with white marble top does not have a resistance from heavy objects which can scratch its finish. The scratch is not sealed properly as well.

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Dining Table With Marble Top Design

Furniture of America Minna Contemporary Genuine Marble Dining Table

On the other side, there is wood dining table to be compared with the marble top. In the US, this kind of dining table is primary in so many homes. Wood is very much available in the different finishes including plethora. It does not include the paint color that makes it possible not to be endless. They are usually very versatile, and it comes in the various different sizes. When you choose wood, you can make it carved cut, and it can also be molded into some various styles and shapes.

Real Marble Top Dining Table by Poundex

Just like the marble top dining table, the wooden dining table is also coming with pros and cons. Beginning with the benefits, this kind of table which is made from solid wood will last long. It can be said as a good investment for your family. Besides, it does not need as much maintenance as marble top table does.

Coaster Dining Table with Marble-Like Top Rich Cherry Finish

Coming to the cons, the wood dining table is usually expensive, but it depends on the quality as well as the wood type which is used. Besides, it is also heavy that makes it difficult to move them whenever you want to make a rearrangement. And the worst, wood dining table can warp particularly if it does not get proper maintenance. After comparing dining table with marble top and wood, which one will you choose?