Dining Table with White Marble Top for Stylish and Comfy Dining Room

Furnishing a dining room with proper dining table is important. Dining table will be the center of activity in the dining room where everybody can sit peacefully and comfortably around it. There are plenty designs of dining room table that you can choose based on the style and material that you like. You can design a dining room based on your style. You can make your dining room look glamour, tranquil and stylish by adding dining table with white marble top.

Minimalist and Affordable Dining Table with White Marble Top

Steve Silver Company Franco Marble Top Counter Table 54 inch

Dining table with marble top is one of the affordable dining table designs that you can choose. Compared with marble dining table, a dining table with marble top is much more affordable. The marble top will be combined with wooden or metal legged which makes the production cost become cheaper. Dining table with marble top price starts from $300 up to $1000 depending on the size and the material.

Acme 17148 Britney Marble Top Dining Table White 54-Inch

In choosing a dining table, you can also decide the dining table based on the color that you like. If you want to give a chic touch in a contemporary dining room, it is better for you to choose dining table with marble top dark brown finish.

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ReadDining Table with Marble Top versus Wood Dining Table

Dark brown is relatively dark in look but it is suitable for minimalist room because it is neutral and applicable for any room design. Darker tone will make a dining room feels tranquil and comforting because it will make the room feels warm with its natural dark brown color.

Round Dining Table with White Marble Top in Espresso Finish for Sale

Besides choosing the color of the marble top you can also choose the shape of the dining table. If you want to choose a dining table that can be used in small up to big dining room you need to choose round dining table. Round shape of dining table makes the table compact, not to mention it can be put in almost any available space including in the corner. If you prefer something lighter in color you can choose round dining table with white marble top. White table top looks bright and can make small dining room appear larger.

Modway 48 inch Eero Saarinen Style Tulip Dining Table with White Marble Top

If you prefer warmer tone color, choosing round dining table with marble top in espresso finish is the best choice. Espresso finish tends to be soft. It is not too dark but it is not light either. This color tone is suitable for people who prefer something natural and warm in their dining room. Espresso finish for marble top is good especially if you have a lot of wooden furniture inside the dining room.

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To create a comfortable dining room you need to choose the right dining table. One of the dining tables that are right to create a warm and inviting dining room is dining table with white marble top. You can choose different variety of dining table with different color and finish based on the design that you like. Choose color from dark to light and size from small to big which is suitable with your dining spaces and decorations.