Doll Bunk Beds for 18 Inch Dolls : Badger Basket Doll Bunk Beds with Ladder

Bunk bed does not only function for sleeping. It can also be used to store a giant doll by laying it on the bunk bed. In fact, there are many dolls with very big sizes. If you are looking for doll bunk beds for 18 inch dolls, Badger basket doll bunk beds with ladder can be one of the most recommended options. If you are interested in it, you need to know the product review first so that you are sure that this can meet your need.

The Materials of Doll Bunk Beds for 18 Inch Dolls

Badger Basket Doll Bunk Beds with Ladder and Storage Armoire (fits American Girl Dolls)

This doll bunk bed is made from wood. As we know, wood becomes the most favorite material used for home furniture. The wooden material makes it look more beautiful and elegant. Compared to other products, it becomes one of the best wooden doll bunk beds for 18 inch dolls available in the market. It uses woods for all parts of the bunk including the stairs.

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The Package Included

If you buy this doll bunk bed, you will get a pack or set of bunk bed that includes these. Besides the bunk bed itself, it also includes ladder that functions for the access from the floor to the upper bunk. Then, it also comes with two removable mattresses.

Bunk Bed for Twin Dolls fits 18 Inch Dolls

So, you can switch the mattresses or replace them with your desired mattresses. In addition, the mattresses are attached with pillows for extra comfort. Based on the set above, it can be said that this doll bunk bed comes with complete standard package.

The Size and Capacity

Emily Rose 18 Inch Doll Furniture Bed for My Life Dolls 2 Single Beds – Stackable Doll Bunk Bed with Ladder and Doll Bedding – Hand-Painted Fits 18 American Girl and Journey Girls Dolls

It belongs to the most recommended doll bunk bed plans for 18 inch dolls because it comes in 22.5 inches x 11.75 inches x 15 inches. This size is able to accommodate an 18 inch doll well. Even more, because it comes with 2 bed bunks and mattresses, it can be used for 2 giant dolls. So, place one doll for each bunk.

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For the capacity, it can be used for giant dolls up to 20 inch height. It is also appropriate for sleeping for kids with 3 years old or older.

Why Should You Buy It?

Triple Doll Bunk Bed with Ladder, Bedding, and Free Personalization Kit (fits American Girl Dolls)

There are many other products that are available and you can choose. However, it is recommended for you because of some reasons. Firstly, it is priced affordably. So, everyone can buy it easily. Secondly, it is also easy to assemble. Therefore, you can assemble it by your own easily. Then, the design is simple but elegant and beautiful that makes it appropriate for everyone.

Where to Place

People usually buy a bunk bed and then place it in the bedroom. However, doll bunk beds for inch dolls will be better to be applied in the playroom.

This bunk bed will make your playroom more fun and exciting for playing with dolls or other toys. What to keep in mind is that you should keep it clean and tidy. Doll bunk beds for 18 inch dolls should be chosen wisely. The best option according to me is Badger Basket Doll Bunk Beds with Ladder.