Extra Long Bunk Beds to Provide More Sleeping Space in the Room

When you are buying a new bunk bed, you will also be faced with many different options in terms of color, material, price, size, and so on. Speaking of size, the standard size and measurement for a regular bed also applies for the bunk beds, which makes the extra long bunk beds are also easy to find.

While a bunk bed can always serve as a great space-saving solution in a bedroom, the standard extra long or twin XL size will ensure that you can provide more comfort, thanks to the more sleeping space it offers.

Extra Long Bunk Beds Ideas

Atlantic Furniture Woodland Bunk Bed Twin over Twin with Urban Trundle Bed in Caramel Latte

Compared to the standard twin sized mattress, the extra long bunk beds plans can thus provide approximately a sleeping surface that is 6 inches longer. That being said, compared to the standard twin size mattress which dimensions are about 39 inches wide x 74 inches long, the extra long bunk beds can accommodate any standard twin XL or extra long size mattress that is about 39 inches wide and 80 inches long. Hence, growing children or young teens will find this bunk bed and mattress size a better option for the roomier sleeping surface.

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Even if you still want to provide more sleeping space, you can opt for one with larger bed on the bottom bunk, such as the extra long twin over queen bunk bed. The Denny twin XL over queen bunk bed in white from Furniture of America is one of the options the market offers for this. With such bunk bed size, the bottom bunk can even accommodate more sleepers, making it an ideal choice in a guest room so adults will sleep comfortably at night.

Extra Long Twin Loft Bunk Beds frame for Adults

Although the extra long twin bunk bed is a choice highly popular among teenagers or college students, it doesn’t mean it is not a good choice for an adult sleeper. The extra long bunk beds for adults can also make a great choice especially in a smaller room.

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Even so, considering the size and dimensions of the bed and mattress, taller adults absolutely will find a twin XL bunk bed a little cramped. This is why who will be using the bunk bed is always an important consideration before buying.

CorLiving BAF-390-B Ashland Bunk Bed Twin Single Dark Cappuccino

When buying the bunk bed, you will have to choose between metal and wood. After all, both are the most common and popular material choices, including for the extra long twin loft bed frame. When making your buying decision, it is always up to you. Just bear in mind that although both of them are strong and sturdy, each has its own distinct characteristics which leads to the pros and cons.

Last but not least, do not forget to determine your budget. Decide on how much you are willing and can afford to spend for the new extra long bunk beds in the room. Luckily, there are so many options offered in terms of price so even if you’re on a budget, chances are you won’t have run out of alternatives to choose from.