Fancy Bunk Beds for Little Girls and Boys

If you want to buy a bunk bed for your kids, you have to look for a bunk bed that comes with fancy design and features. Today, there are many furniture stores that sell fancy bunk beds. You can buy it either online or offline. However, you have to choose it carefully. If you are confused to find the best one, I will recommend you the following bunk beds.

Fancy Bunk Beds for Little Girls: Girls Tent Twin Size Loft Bunk Bed in Light Pink & White Finish

Girls Tent Twin Size Loft Bunk Bed in Light Pink & White Finish can be considered as one of the best fancy bunk beds for girls to choose. This is ideal for one or two little girls. The construction comes with string 2 inch metal in white finish whereas the tent comes with pink color.

Your Zone Twin Wood Loft Style Bunk Bed Walnut (Walnut) (Twin, Walnut)

As we know, pink becomes one of the most favorite colors for girls. The bed is designed on the top whereas the bottom part is for a play tent. Because it is covered with a tent, your little girls can sleep comfortably with no insect around. The play tent will also be very enjoyable.

DONCO KIDS Twin Circles Modular Low Loft Bed in White

It belongs to one of the fancy bunk beds for sale because this bunk bed comes with many interesting features. Besides a tent wrapping, it also applies full length of guardrails for the safety. Then, it also has a ladder that eases you to access the bed on the top. It is also more functional because it offers a shelf at the end of this bunk bed. Comes with 90.75 inches of the length, 41.5 inches of the depth and 72.25 inches of the height, it is really ideal for little girls.

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Fancy Bunk Bed for Little Boys: Coaster Kid’s Oates Lofted Bed with Side & Tent

If you are looking for fancy bunk beds for boys, Coaster Kid’s Oates Lofted Bed with Side & Tent will be a good choice. Based on the size, it belongs to twin size bunk bed where it is ideal for one or two little boys. It only provides one bunk that is designed on the top.

DONCO KIDS Twin Mission Blue Tent Loft Bed with Slide

Even though the bed is on the top, it is safe because it is equipped with guardrails for all sides. This is also comfortable because the mattress is very thick. Then, the bed on the top is also easy to access because it comes with a ladder on the side. The metal frame will make it very strong and durable.

For the dimensions, it comes with 115 inches of the length, 100 inches of the width and 15 inches of the height. It requires to be assembled but it is very easy. To make your little boys excited, it offers a slide. Even more, it also applies a play tent. So, this bunk bed is really playful. Therefore, your kid will be really happy with it. That is why it is considered as one of the most recommended fancy bunk beds.

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Fancy bunk beds should be chosen rightly. You have to decide whether it is for girls or boys. So, you can look for the best options like we explain above.