Faux Marble Dining Table DIY Project

Marble top gives an elegant look to a table. It transforms the shabby table into a stunning table that can become a focal point in the dining room. This time, even faux marble dining table is as gorgeous as original marble. Its natural beauty steals all the attention. Its sophisticated appeal and elegance make your dining room a perfect area to entertain your guests. It never fails to impress. It can be looking beautifully classy, but it can also be contemporary in style. With proper care, the faux marble top can be your long term asset.

Start Your Faux Marble Dining Table Project

Furniture of America Bahia Contemporary Faux Top Marble Dining Table

When it comes to a transformation, the dull wood table can be turned into beautiful faux marble dining room table. Any wood table you can be looking so gorgeous with simple DIY project.

The best result requires the solid wood table. However, plywood table is also okay though the result may not be as impressive as of solid wood.

Pompei Dining Table with Faux Marble Top

When it comes to natural marble color and patterns, it’s opaque white with a bit of beige and gray. Do so if you desire natural looking marble.

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ReadBest Classical Marble Dining Table This Year

But, if you want to get the more sophisticated result, consider black or even gold. The whole process requires only a few hours until the new table is ready to set. Moreover, it will not be costly. Even leftover paint can be used.

– Prepare the paint

Homelegance 5155 Faux Marble Top Metal Base Dining Table Black Finish

Get the paint you will use. To make it stay within the budget, find out whether you still have leftover white paint or not. If so, use it instead. As for the gray color, do the same thing. Use the leftover instead of buying a new one. As a replacement of paint extender, you can only use a bit of water. And, go for large chip paintbrush instead of buying an expensive softening brush. Remember, low-cost DIY project is always more satisfying than a high-cost project. As for the table shape, the most popular is faux marble round dining table.

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Faux Marble Top Dining Table Set

– Make the first and second layer of paint

Coaster Home Furnishings 102791 Casual Dining Table Black

Then, paint the faux marble dining table set top with the white paint and top it with gray paint, Repeat this process at least twice before you let the paint completely dry. Use sea sponge instead of the paintbrush to create an opaque layer.

– Draw veining lines

Poundex F2093 F1051 Faux Marble Top Brown Leatherette Chairs Dining Set

Get a medium paint brush and use it to draw veining lines on faux marble top dining table set with black or dark gray color. Then, continue by sponging the lines. The sponge has to be dry. It will get you the blurred veins effect. Then, top the veins with white paint using the sponge. Repeat this process at least three times. This way, you will get the gorgeous base layer.

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– Sponge and dry brush the vein

Furniture of America Alfaro Modern Faux Marble-Top Dining Table

When the base layer looks great already, continue by creating more veins with a thin paintbrush. This process has to be repeated as well at least four times. And you don’t have to wait for the paint to dry to repeat the process completely. It actually will give the most organic result.

Once all the processes are done, you’ll be surprised by how gorgeous the table looks. Place lovely flower vase on top for furnish.