Faux Marble Round Dining Table: Stylish Makeover within These Designs

Decorating dining room cannot be underestimated. It seems to be the hard choice in picking the design of furniture. However, faux marble round dining table will always be in good look no matter what happen. It also sounds more intimate with the delicate line of the table. With the combination of marble which is known in the level called luxurious, the round dining table will be more recognized as the focal point in the room. Hunting for great marble inspired design, it is better to look what is offered in the Wayfair.

Faux Marble Round Dining Table Design to Bring Home

Hillsdale Monaco Round Faux Marble 5-Piece Dining Set Chairs Matte Espresso Set Includes 1-Table and 4-Chairs

Wayfair provides varieties of designing both for the couple or small family as in Darell 5 Pcs Dining Set by ACME Furniture. It is priced at $200 – $350. It suits to contemporary dining room with high intimacy level that can be created if the family gathers in the room together.

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ReadFaux Marble Dining Table DIY Project

It features faux marble top in a table and four side chairs. As the base, the metal material is also involved in the effortless, beautiful style of faux marble round dining table sets. The table weight is 75 lb. with the dimension of table which has 30” H x 36” W x 36” L and table legs 28” H x 2” W x 1” D.

Acme 70295 5-Piece Darell Faux Marble Top Dining Set

The next beauty is in Praia 3 Pcs Counter Height Dining Set by Roundhill Furniture. To be classified as perfect couple in the dining nook, this is perfect in the modern kitchen. It features contemporary gray and black marble-look veneer table top along with two stools.

The stools are covered in black blended- stools made of leather with solid wood legs in espresso finish. It is perfect round faux marble counter dining table for the more sophisticated look. People will simply love the set with comfortable and easy-to-assemble furniture.

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Faux Marble Top 42 Round Dining Table

The third set is called Nenuphar 5 Pcs Set by World Menagerie. By purchasing this dining table, people will get the base price of $700 – $800. For more casual styling, the seats are wrapped in beige poly-cotton fabric upholstery which is completed in cherry finish and metal frame. It looks great both for classic and cottage style. Beside the lovely faux marble top round dining table, the chair back is also created in pretty motif to give more traditional or classic appearances within the table size of 30” H x 45” W x 45” L.

ACME 70555 Kleef 5-Piece Dining Set Faux Marble Top

Ewart 5 Pcs Set by Rosalind Wheeler will cost around $900 – $1000. It belongs to another appealing design. Although this does not belong to faux marble 42 round dining table, with the dimension of 45” Diameter and 39” Heights of side chairs, the dining table set has the very nice overall look. Along with the great value in the price, by purchasing the set, it can complement for those with contemporary dining room. It also features sturdy gauge metal as the base construction.

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The last to consider can be found in Val 5 Pcs Set by ACME Furniture. It begins with $400 – $500 with the features of a dining table and fours side chairs within Val Collection. Metal and faux marble have exactly filled the design with the diameter of 45” for the table and 39” Height for each chair. This will be suitable for casual setting with the unique design of the metal frame. This is what makes them called as the modern and trendy representative of faux marble round dining table.