Full over Full Bunk Beds for Adults Size and Buying Guide

Just like when you are purchasing a bed, you will also find various options in size when it comes to buying a new bunk bed. In general, the measurement is similar, meaning that it is made based on the mattress size the bed can accommodate. Even so, considering the nature of a bunk bed, the dimensions surely will be different. There are different bunk bed sizes, and the full over full bunk beds for adults are one of them.

Choosing the Right Full over Full Bunk Beds for Adults

Full Over Full Low Bunk Bed with Mission Headboard

The full bunk beds for adults refer to the one that is consisted of a standard full sized bed stacked above another full sized one. In general, the dimensions will vary. Even so, the average dimensions of a full over full bunk bed are 68 inches high by 60 inches wide by 80 inches long.

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The size of the mattress itself is 54 inches wide by 74 inches tall. Also known as the double mattress, the full-size one is about 16 inches wider compared to a twin sized mattress. According to the mattress size, this one makes a great choice for your growing children.

Camaflexi Panel Headboard Full over Full Low Bunk Bed

Even so, the full over full bunk bed may not be a suitable choice in a bedroom for adults. Referring to the mattress size, it is pretty obvious why the size is not tall enough to accommodate an adult who is taller than 5’5”. Even so, for growing children, the full over full bunk bed will be a truly roomy and comfortable choice as each level thus can accommodate two kids. Alternatively, the full over full bunk beds for adults may also make a better choice in a young adult’s or teenager’s room. Even if the room is occupied alone, the extra bed can be used whenever a friend stays overnight for a sleepover.

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Full Over Full Bunk Beds for Adults for Sale

Be it wood or metal bunk beds, choose whichever you like. Typically, wood is preferred because this material is known for its sturdiness. Even so, this will depend on the type of wood used to construct the full over full bunk beds for adults with variants of hardwood are the most recommended ones.

They can be stained to expose the natural wooden texture and color or painted in any color you like. Meanwhile, Metal bunk beds are also a great choice. They are usually lighter compared to wood ones and less expensive. However, metal variants can be squeaky as the years go by.

Powell Heavy Metal Full Over Full Bunk Bed

The full over full bunk bed can make a great choice in your guest room, which is often smaller than the main bedrooms at home. Even if more people are visiting you at once, you will not need to worry about providing extra beds to sleep on since a bunk bed will do the job for you.

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Although the full over full bunk beds for adults might be too cramped for taller adults, they are still a great choice for shorter or young adults, teenagers, and even kids. Just be sure that this bunk bed size is the best one to fit in the room. That being said, always me sure to measure the space first before buying!