Full Size Canopy Bed for Girl – Easy DIY ideas for Extra Cozy Bedroom

For the loving full-size canopy bed for girls, they need to know ways to decorate with canopy without purchasing a new bed. As people know, the presence of a canopy bed is worth anticipating. It will give an instant makeover to transform it into a beautiful yet attractive room.

The canopy can turn to many concepts like liking. It could be traditional, modern, vintage, and so on. It also varies in size including full-size design ideas in the following. DIY canopy beds are good news to beautify the plain bedroom.

DIY Ideas: Full-Size Canopy Bed for Girl

The first easy way to get a canopy bed look is to mount an L-shaped curtain drapery rod in the ceiling. Be sure to have the math to ensure the canopy fits well into the full-size bed. The most attractive way is to paint the ceiling above the bed and wall behind the headboard to be similar to the bed frame and curtain shades. It gives an illusion that the ceiling becomes part of the canopy. It looks romantic when the white base of canopy bed and curtain blend to the green walls.

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The next super easy DIY is by incorporating two swing arm curtain rods to be mounted on each side of the bed in the ceiling. A piece of full-size canopy bed curtains then draped over the two rods. Whether or not it is full size, it can be adjusted easily by the owner. The fabric can be various. For more classical vintage, the sheer pure white is great to blend in white bed linens with laces. The third tip is using a used hola hoop to gain the privacy dorm.

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Rather than putting above the headboard, the hoop is attached to the ceiling in the middle of the bed. Drape the favorite fabric from head to the footboard of the bed. It looks best when the long side of the bed is positioned to face the walls.

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Furthermore, people also need to know if this style only could be achieved perfectly when the headboard and footboard are on the same height. In the case of selecting the fabric, the sheer type looks pretty. Full-size canopy bed for girl feels airy without looking cramped. The use of small patterned fabric like flowers is also great to try.

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It takes to a completely different full-size canopy bed for girls. On the other hand, this DIY idea makes a bold pattern in the minimalist room by using a large piece of patterned blue fabric to be hanged above the bed. How to do is by hanging with ropes that are threaded through grommets at the corners of the ceiling. The ropes are tied to the hooks. It is great yet appealing where the pop color of blue in a full-size canopy bed for girl creates a dramatic contrast to the domination of white in the bedroom.

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The last DIY idea is very cheap because the owner will only need a curtain rod and table cloth. It becomes a perfect way to treat thick patterned fabric for those who want to add some patterns in the room. Besides making a canopy by it, this can also be doubled as a headboard. Just measure the position of the rod to be a full-size canopy bed for girls. Full canopy bed for girl represents a lively bedroom look. This can give an instant makeover to the plain room by considering several DIY ideas.