Full Size Trundle Bed Frame and Designs for Your Space-Saving Solution

There are many different ways you can do to help save space for sleeping area in your small place, whether it is on your own or as a guest room. One of the popular choices among homeowner is to use a trundle bed. With a trundle bed, you can get two beds you can store in the same space with one to occupy you while the other can be stowed away when not in use without cramping the space. The full size trundle bed frame is thus designed to accommodate this purpose, thus resulting in two sleeping areas with the lower one can be stored under the upper one conveniently.

Full Bed with Trundle by Poundex

How to Decide Full Size Trundle Bed Frame

WE Furniture Silver Metal Roll-Out Twin Trundle Bed

Without a doubt, before you even decide if the full size trundle frame is the right one for you, you need to make sure that a full size bed will fit perfectly in your room. The full size bed refers to one that can accommodate a full size mattress perfectly.

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A full size bed itself is measured at 53 inches in width and 75 inches in length. Considering the size of the measurements, the full size trundle bed will be more suitable to use for a kid’s room since the length is too short for most adults.

DHP Separate Trundle for DHP Metal Daybed Frame Silver

When you are on the market for a bed with trundle, chances are the full size roll out trundle bed frame is what you most likely find since this type is more common.

Even so, it is not the only option you can consider, since there is also the full size pop up trundle bed frame which configuration is pretty different than the first. With the pop up trundle bed, the frame can be lifted to a taller height. Unlike the roll out trundle bed, the pop up one can be elevated to the same height as the main bed.

Broyhill Kids Marco Island Full Captains Bed with Trundle White

Full Size Metal Trundle Bed Frame

Full Bed Frame with Trundle by Poundex

As you go shopping for a full size bed with trundle, your option can also be expanded depending on which material to choose. Bear in mind that this, just likes when you are looking for a new bed, is important since this can determine the sturdiness of your bed frame. The full size metal trundle bed frame makes a popular choice due to various reasons. It’s relatively stable and typically lighter compared to wood bed frame for full size trundle bed. Plus, with pop up trundle, metal is the most common choice of material for the bed frame.

DHP Manila Daybed and Trundle Full Twin

Meanwhile, there is also wood full size bed frame with trundle that is also popular among buyers. Depending on the type and quality of wood used to build the frame, this makes the strongest material to use to support the frame and occupant during the sleep time. Wood bed frame can be DIY-ed too, making it an attractive choice for you who prefer to build your own bed with trundle for various reasons. Even so, wood full size trundle bed frame is also often known to be heavier, so it’s best used when you don’t move your bed around often.