Garage Turned Into Bedroom? Why Not? Follow These Steps

Turning a garage to be a living space could be fascinating and challenging. And have you ever seen a garage turned into bedroom? Can it be? Well, yeah, why not? An extra bedroom will not be wrong, right? It will appeal and increase instantly the resale value of your home. So, below are some steps of turning your garage.

How a Garage Turned Into Bedroom:

1. Getting Building Permit

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The most important and first step of turning a garage into a bedroom is investigating the town or the city’s permission requirements. For example, some places will require the homeowner to obtain the permits before beginning any kinds of constructions. It will be much better to do the job legally rather than in a sly way. So, there will be nothing hassle if your house is sold.

2. Making a plan

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The second step of turning your garage into a bedroom is making a plan. What will it look like when it has been transformed? And other questions are like, will you need the new door, new window, etc.

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And where will they be placed? What about the heater and any other items such as stationary can be camouflaged? And how the new bedroom will be heated? The lighting needs to be considered, too. What kind of lighting will you need? So, by asking yourself those questions, you will save your time as well as effort.

3. Insulating

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The next step on how to turn a garage into a bedroom is to start the construction. After the plan has been created and formulated, it’s time to work. You can block up or replace the old garage door opening, for the first step. This kind of way will keep the room warmer. Not only that, but it also makes easier for completing construction of your bedroom interiors. If you need insulation, you can make sure that the walls outside are well insulated.

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You know that most of the garage walls are not constructed or built well with a great deal of that way. So for the homes in the cooler climate, it will be very important for adding the insulation in the space. The insulation type will be determined by an existing building of the garage as well as the personal preferences you choose.

4. Hanging the sheetrock

Another way to turn the garage into bedroom is to hang the sheetrock. With the insulation in, it’s time for hanging the drywall on the inside. You need to take the time to mud and tape the seams in a proper way so that there will be less time to be spent that is consuming jobs such as priming and sanding later.

5. Printing and priming

The last thing to make a garage turned into bedroom is priming and printing. You can lay down couple coats of the primer on walls first. It’s possible to use 2 or maybe three coats of the paint you choose, too, if it’s not more. And after the paint has dried, you can install decorative trim that you desire. And make sure that everything is secured in place and level with the finishing line.

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