Types of Glass Dining Table Pros and Cons

When choosing for the right dining table, there are so many different variants and types out there. Wood may be one of the most popular picks, but there is also another most popular dining table: the glass. Whereas wood table delivers a traditional and homey feel, the glass table delivers a sense of modern and sophisticated effect. In the event that you decide to go with the glass table, there are some factors to consider. After all, glass table has its own elements and unique trait. So, what are the details to know about the table?

Glass Dining Table Pros

Let’s face it, everything has its own strength and downsides, and so is the glass table. If we are going to review the glass dining table pros, there are tons of them. For a starter, glass table isn’t only modern but also elegant. If you have a contemporary home décor, pairing it up with the glass table would seem like a good idea. Do you often hold a fine dining event at home? Then the glass table will serve your needs just perfectly!

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Moreover, the glass table can somehow light up the (dining) room or the kitchen. Thanks to the transparent nature, it creates a lighter vibe. It can also make the room look bigger. The room won’t look so cramped or small anymore so there is a sense of airy feel.

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If you can combine natural light (by allowing abundance of lights coming into the room) and the glass elements, the result would be superb. But in the event that the room lacks of natural light, the glass element alone can improve the ambiance and look of the entire place.

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The material is easy to maintain and care. You only need to wipe or clean it – and you are good to go. There is no need to use a special seal or a certain cleaning product. As a result, you can save a lot of money for the upkeep and maintenance.

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Glass Dining Table Cons

Sure, the glass table does have its own benefits and perks, but then again, it isn’t 100% satisfying because it has its own downsides. Whereas a glass table is easy to maintain, you do need to have a regular cleaning to keep it shiny and beautiful.

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Glass material is prone to smudges, spills, dust, and fingerprints. You will immediately see food scraps. You can also see the fingerprints easily on the surface. That’s why regular cleaning is needed. Whenever you have finished using the table, it is advisable to wipe or clean it off to retain the pristine appeal. Otherwise, it will look downright ugly and worn.

Kitchen Dining Room Table with Glass Top and Wooden Look Leg Modern Coffee Table Rectangular – Table Only

There are still other glass dining table cons, including the unsafe matter of the material. If you have kids or pets, it’s better that you don’t have any glass table around. If your pets or kids accidentally bump into the table and it shatters, the small glass pieces can be dangerous. The risk will increase if you have rectangular glass table with the sharp corners. Can you imagine such uncontrolled and feisty creatures like kids and pets have to deal with such a sharp object? I can’t even imagine such a situation!

Nidouillet Round Glass Dining Table, Coffee Desk with 4 Beech Wood Legs for Kitchen Living Room AB053

Moreover, the price of a glass table can be quite costly, especially when compared to other materials like metal or thick plastic. But then again, the glass table isn’t as sturdy as other materials – yes, due to the glass material. Glass is fragile and it takes an extra effort to make sure that it won’t be chipped or scratched.

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Glass Dining Table Round

Glass dining table comes in various colors and shape. One of the most popular designs is the round shape. Why should you choose the glass dining table round? First of all, round table is versatile for all kinds of home décor.

Steve Silver Amalie Round Dining Table

Whether you have limited space or roomy area, the round shape will fit just right in. You only need to decide on the diameter, but the round shape is ideal for all kinds of situation and décor and dimension.

BOWERY HILL Glass Round Dining Table in Medium Brown

Don’t forget that round table is considered safe and kids-friendly. The absence of corners and edges make the table ideal for kids. No need to constantly be worried about your kids bumping to the table. The possibility of accidents can be minimized and reduced. Moreover, round table is generally symmetrical so it affects the overall decorative aspect of the room. It may be a small matter, but the table can improve the dining room appeal by balancing all the elements.

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Glass Dining Table Rectangle

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Rectangular table is another popular pick for the dining table. Since most dining rooms are rectangular, the rectangular table is considered the best match. If you want to go with a more traditional look, the regular glass dining table rectangle can be a good pick.

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However, if you want to deliver a modern and even edgy look, there are tables with uneven edges. Some tables may even come with uneven length and asymmetrical design, so such a design can deliver a unique effect to the dining room.

Glass Dining Table Oval

You may be wondering, what’s so special about glass dining table oval? What’s the difference with the round table? After all, they look almost similar and both of them don’t have corner or sharp edges. So, what’s the appeal of the oval design?

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Basically, whereas the round table has this casual flair and feel about it, the oval design is somewhat more elegant and classic. If you want to deliver a more casual (but not too much) look into your home décor, and you also want to create an elegant appeal without overdoing it, then the oval table would be the right pick.

Glass Dining Table Modern

There are tons of options when it comes to glass dining table modern look. You can choose a table with metal legs and thick glass surface.

See Glass Dining Table – Base Only

You can choose a combination of wood and glass. Basically, there are plenty of designs that can create an air of sophistication to your home. If you want to buy a modern glass table, try browsing the net. You’d be overwhelmed by the abundance of options.

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Glass dining table has its own appeal, but don’t close your eyes to the downsides and flaws. Consider which one you like the most and how it can affect your home décor thoroughly.