Best Hand Mixer Review with Pros and Cons This Year

Hand mixers are among the most popular kitchen utensils needed by everyone. Although mixers are generally used in baking, it is also possible to include it in regular cooking preparation. Mixers are coming in various types, such as standing mixers or hand mixers. But we are going to focus on the hand mixer types only – including those from different brands and manufacturers.

Hand Mixer Kitchenaid Pros

Kitchenaid is one of the most reliable and trusted names in the industry. Not only it has a wide array of options, but it is also known for the quality performance and sturdy construction. When it comes to hand mixer Kitchenaid pros, there are several things to like about the device.

KitchenAid KHM7210CU 7-Speed Digital Hand Mixer with Turbo Beater II Accessories and Pro Whisk – Contour Silver

First of all, the mixers are generally coming in attractive designs and bold colors. This is perfect if you want to deliver a modern effect to the kitchen. Don’t forget that kitchen utensils can also increase the overall kitchen ambiance and surrounding – even within the smallest items or designs. And then, the mixers have different features. Speed setting adjustment, for a starter, is handy to help you manage how fast (or slow) the mixer is operating.

KitchenAid KHM5APWH White 5-Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer

Since the majority of operation is handheld, the design should be ergonomic and comfy. Kitchenaid has good products that won’t make your arms go tired even after long time of use. These are some of the strength of the products from Kitchenaid – and the versatility of the product enables everyone to use it conveniently. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, be sure that the mixer won’t disappoint you.

Hand Mixer Kitchenaid Cons

Sure, most of the products are beneficial and they are super handy for general use in the kitchen. However, don’t forget about hand mixer Kitchenaid cons. You see, most hand mixers aren’t designed for hours of use. And if you have to deal with tons of ingredients (which can make the batter heavy and lumpy), the hand mixers aren’t exactly the ideal device. In general, you can’t use regular utensil for industrial grade use.

KitchenAid KHM512ER 5-Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer, Empire Red

Not only the mixers won’t stand the heavy load of the ingredients, but it can also be a dangerous operation. If you have a business in cooking or you have to deal with industrial grade of baking and cooking, go with the higher end types – which can be super costly. Yes, you will be making a worthy spending but do you have the budgets? That’s the big question.

Hand Mixer Cuisinart Pros

Cuisinart is another reliable name whose products are known for their quality performance. One of the things to like about the hand mixer is the power. One of the hand mixer Cuisinart pros is the easy setting. With easy on and off button along with speed settings, operating the mixer is handy, convenient, and safe. The speed setting is often accompanied with the LED display so you know how fast you are going.

Cuisinart HM-50 Power Advantage 5-Speed Hand Mixer, White

Another cool feature is the clear bottom that can be easily snapped open or closed. The clear bottom can be used to store the attachments so they won’t be scattered.

Cuisinart CHM-3R Electronic Hand Mixer 3-Speed, Red

Because of this design, not only you can be sure about the convenient storage of the attachments, but you can also have a neat storage. You can place the mixer on the counter without having to worry about fall or damage. And since the container is transparent, you can see what’s inside without a problem.

Hand Mixer Cuisinart Cons

Cuisinart products are strong and reliable, but often times, the power wanes out after several times of use. If you start the mixing at high speed, it will surely slow down and you may end with the lack of power. It isn’t a huge deal for general users. If you mostly use the mixers for a short span of time, such thing won’t be a problem.

Cuisinart HM-90S Power Advantage Plus 9-Speed Handheld Mixer with Storage Case, White

Besides the reduced power and ability, one of the biggest issues on hand mixer Cuisinart cons is the bulky cord. Yes, it is pretty bulky when compared to other products and it usually gets tangled or in the way during the operation. It won’t be such a problem if you can manage a specific layout or placement arrangement so it won’t be tangled along the way. But in the overall end, the downsides are only a few when compared to the strength of Cuisinart products.

Hand Mixer Hamilton Beach Pros

If you are thinking about buying a Hamilton Beach hand mixer, be sure to know some of the potential as well as flaws. The motor is powerful and strong so handling heavy loads and batches won’t be a problem with the mixer. Whether you are using the mixer for personal baking or professional industrial use, the mixer would help you with the operation.

Hamilton Beach Classic 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer with Snap-On Storage Case, Whisk, Traditional and Wire Beaters, Brushed Stainless (62650A)

One of the most convenient hand mixer Hamilton Beach pros is the bowl rest. The rest is useful so your bowl can stay in place – and not many hand mixers are coming with the bowl rest. Not to mention that the mixer also comes with a storage case (with a snap) on the bottom area which can be used to store the cord and extra attachments.

Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer with Snap-On Storage Case, Wire Beaters, Whisk and Bowl Rest (62682RZ), 250W, White

This is handy for efficient storage and also neat arrangement around the kitchen. The speed setting is up to 6 levels with a useful burst button for easy and simple operation.

Hand Mixer Hamilton Beach Cons

It is advisable that you don’t overuse the hand mixer. Sure, it has a strong power that can handle heavy batch, but in general, such an ability is happening occasionally – so it isn’t always. There are major complaints and problems with burnout motor especially if you overuse the mixer for a prolonged span of time. Basically, one most common hand mixer Hamilton Beach disadvantages is the early burnout or early burning damage.

Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer with 5 Attachments (Beaters, Dough Hooks, and Whisk), Snap-On Case, Red (62633R)

Another downside is the chrome coats on the beaters. Having beaters with a metal coating isn’t something safe of hygienic because you can’t risk those metal elements to be mixed into the food. Unfortunately, that what happens to the hand mixer – it has chrome coating. Moreover, the attachments can fit super tightly within the case so you need to be smart and creative in managing the position. It takes an extra effort and not all users would be happy with the fact that they may have to do extra work.

Hand Mixer Black and Decker Pros

Most today’s hand mixers are coming with their own storage containers so it makes storage and placement easy. The same thing also applies to the mixer from Black and Decker. In fact, one of the hand mixer Black and Decker pros is the hard-shell and flat storage case that is very convenient in use. When it comes to storage, you won’t be confused anymore.

BLACK+DECKER 6-Speed Hand Mixer with 5 Attachments & Storage Case, MX3200B

Another thing to like about the mixer is the slow starting speed. When compared to other mixers, this one is 20% slower. It is meant to help you manage fuss-free operation that won’t cause your batter to be thrown all over the kitchen.

BLACK+DECKER MX600L Helix Performance Premium 5-Speed Hand Mixer, small, Lime Green

Wants some speed? Just click on the turbo button and you will be fine. This button is handy when you have to deal with thick batter or heavy load – it will get the job done immediately. And dishwasher-friendly attachments are also convenient because you won’t have to deal with patchy clean-up.

Hand Mixer Black and Decker Cons

Despite all the benefits and power present in the hand mixer, be aware (and be prepared) for the downsides. First of all, you need to deal with manual release of the beaters because the mixer doesn’t have the eject button. This is pretty weird considering that most mixers do have the eject buttons.

BLACK+DECKER MX600B Helix Performance Premium 5-Speed Hand Mixer, 5 Attachments + Case, Black

Another flaw in hand mixer Black and Decker cons is the weird positioning of the beaters. Don’t be too surprised if the beaters don’t seem to fit nicely or even securely within the mixer. A lot of users have to figure out a way so the beaters can fit just properly – and they aren’t even sure if they do it right. This is one security flaw that the company needs to address if they want to ensure their customers’ safety. After all, you won’t buy something that can harm or cut you, will you?

Hand Mixer Oster Pros

If you need a regular hand mixer that can do daily kitchen work without a fuss, this is your go-to device. Oster hand mixer has a pretty decent power – it is quite strong, in fact, for a normal daily use. But of course, you will need the industrial grade if you need a professional device to handle higher or heavier load.

Oster FPSTHM0152-NP 5 Speed Hand Mixer with Storage Case, Black

One of the things to like about hand mixer Oster pros is the slow and clean starting speed. You won’t have to worry that you may deal with batter splatter here and there with this feature. Thanks to the slow starting speed, your batter will be nice and clean. And the mixer comes with 250W of motor for versatile use. Feel free to use it for delicate and thin batter or the chunky and thick one.

Oster 270-Watt Hand Mixer with HEATSOFT Technology 7 Speeds Includes Whisk, Dough Hooks, and Storage Case

The mixer has its own turbo power for the extra burst – in case you need one. It also has adjustable six speed settings that can be managed and tweaked within your own comfort. Moreover, the mixer has a heel rest to help you manage easier use – you can add ingredients while at it. The retractable cord is also nice for simple (and easy) storage.

Hand Mixer Oster Cons

Although the mixer is packed with useful features that help with general operation, be prepared with some downsides. As a starter for the hand mixer Oster cons is the difficult eject button. Yes, the mixer has its own eject button but it isn’t easy to use. On the contrary, you need to work extra hard to use it. It’s funny because what’s the point of having a difficult and complicated eject button, after all?

Oster FPSTHMBGB-S 7 Speed Clean Start Hand Mixer

Moreover, the mixer is basically heavier when compared to other models. It feels like the old-school mixers although it has a modern appearance. But if you have to use it for a rather long time, the extra weight can be a problem because it is going to tire you out. For some people, it may not be a problem but it depends on each person’s preference and personal like. But in the end, the mixer is nice to use with comfortable handle. Yes, it is heavy but then again, it goes back to you as the user.

Hand Mixer Braun Pros

Braun is another name in the cooking and culinary industry that is known for the performance and quality. The hand mixer is also known to have various useful features that you can help with convenient use. There are so many positive hand mixer Braun pros to like about the device. For a starter, the mixer is efficient and fast. The combination of powerful motor and good design will help you tackle the batter easily. It tackles all kinds of ingredients easily and effortlessly so you can finally enjoy the smooth result.

Braun M880 Multimix 4-in-1 Hand Mixer

Another thing to like is that the mixer is powerful enough to deal with solid or hard food easily. Whereas most people may avoid hard ingredient, like carrot, you won’t have to do such a thing. Simply throw in everything into the bowl and have a go! The mixer also comes with various attachments that will make your baking or cooking preparation a breeze. Just switch them and you can enjoy convenient use!

Hand Mixer Braun Cons

Besides all the good perks delivered by the mixer, you have to admit that it is pretty big. In fact, you will need to prepare an extra space for the storage if you are buying this mixer.

Braun HM5100 MultiMix Hand Mixer, Black

Don’t forget that the mixer is also pricey –although you are actually making a worthy investment with the mixer. One of hand mixer Braun cons is the high price – and not everyone can afford the mixer.

Those are the six names known in the industry with their each strength and downsides. Which one you like the most?