Heavy Duty Bunk Beds for Adults and Heavy People

While it is true that a bunk bed makes a smart space saving solution for a smaller room, be it for kids or adults alike, there are still some concerns regarding this. As for adult bunk bed, the concern is most often related to the weight of the sleeper. For bigger adults, sleeping in a bunk bed may always turn into a daunting thought. This is where the heavy duty bunk beds for adults will make an excellent choice. Today, we will share all the valuable information about heavy duty bunk beds, including bunk beds for those heavy people, for you. Keep reading!

Heavy Duty Bunk Beds for Adults: Tips

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Before we start, it is always a quick word regarding weight: check it. Regardless of the material or style, a bunk bed or loft bed always comes with a maximum weight rating. This applies to the heavy duty bunk beds as well.

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Bunk beds for adults typically feature a maximum weight of 200 to 250 pounds for the top bunk and 400 pounds or more for the lower bunk. Hence, if you are looking for the bunk beds that hold 400 pounds and even more, it gets even more important to check the maximum weight capacity first.

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When assessing whether the bunk beds for heavy people are heavy duty enough to accommodate adults, there are some important things you need to know. One of them is the technical data on how the bed is fabricated and design. According to the general rule, the thicker the steel and the stronger the weld, it means the more the gross weight to accommodate.

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Heavy Duty Metal and Wood Beds for Adults

For the choice of material, you typically will have to choose between wood or heavy duty metal beds for adults. Each of them has its pros and cons. With wood beds for adult, they are beautiful and easier to repair if there’s any damage. However, with wood bunk beds, the joints usually open during summer and expand in damp weather, thus increasing the wear. Meanwhile, the metal bunk bed sounds like a better choice especially for a heavy duty variant, especially if it is a contract quality bunk bed.

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When shopping heavy duty wood beds for adults, ensure to check that the top corners of the furniture do not have any decorative extension that rises above the side railings for safety. It is to prevent the accident and injury, considering how a clothing garment or a strap can be caught and later cause strangulation. In addition to that, check that the distance between the gaps should never exceed 70 millimeters. The differences also include those that are between components as well as that between the bed and the wall.

Apparently, the heavy duty bunk beds for adults are not that difficult to find, even if one that can hold a maximum weight rating of 1,000 pounds is what you are looking for. Always check the maximum weight rating before making your buying decision and be sure to use only a mattress recommended by the manufacturer.