High Rise Bed Frame with Pop Up Trundle for Master Bedroom

Pop up trundle bed frame has been popular among modern people. The design of this bed is unique where you can fold it up and down easily to give more sleeping space in your bedroom. In line with the popularity of pop up bed that is increasing, there are some inventions of pop up trundle bed design which are made to give ultimate satisfaction and benefits for the owner of the pop up trundle bed. One of the new models of pop up trundle bed is high rise bed frame with pop up trundle. High rise design of bed is a good invention for a bed that can be used in both small and big bedroom.

Effective and Efficient High Rise Bed Frame with Pop Up Trundle

Trundle Bed Pop-up High Rise Top Spring Combo Package

In a master bedroom, the size of a bed is very important. A master bedroom needs a bed that is big enough to be used by two people. But, it will be something disappointing if the size of the bedroom is not big enough. You should sacrifice the amount and size of the furniture that you want to use in the bedroom. But, using high rise trundle bed frame allows you to enjoy the comfort of king size bed in your small bedroom without consuming much space.

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Pop Up Trundle Bed Frame for Flexible Interior Arrangement

High rise bed frame with pop up trundle can be folded easily because the structure of the bed is made by metal with connection that allows you to fold it without using too much effort. Metal is durable so you can use the bed quite long. Since the quality of the metal being used in the bed is various, you can choose the metal that has good quality.

Twin Size Black Metal High Riseer Bed Frame With Pop Up Trundle

High rise bed frame comes with different variety of colors. You can choose the color that you like from light tone such as pink, white, blue, yellow and orange up to dark color such as black, grey and brown. The color of the bed frame that you choose will determine the mood that you can set inside the bedroom. For example if you want to have contemporary bedroom you can choose white high rise bed frame.

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High Rise Bed Frame with Pop up Trundle for Sale

Twin Size Black Metal Pop Up Trundle For Daybeds

The structure of high rise bed frame with pop up trundle is very efficient. If you do not use the bed you can fold it down and store the lower bed under the normal bed so the bed extension will not consume any spaces inside the bedroom. Then you can raise the bed in the same height with the normal bed if you want to use it. Unlike the conventional trundle, this modern high rise bed frame offers much convenience for larger bed size.

If you want to equip your small master bedroom with comfy and big size bed you need to buy high rise bed frame with pop up trundle. This kind of bed will allows you to sleep comfortably in twin size bed but in the single bed. It is very effective and beneficial for people who want to sleep comfortably but have limited area to have king size of bed.