Honey Oak Nightstand 3 Drawer : How to Maintain It

For most centuries, the popularity of oak cannot be denied. They are a favorite material for mostly constructing the furniture including a nightstand. It has strength, durability as well as beauty. Oak is also known for the prominent grain that means little dings and spots which just blend. Oak is indeed porous so it can easily stain. For you who have honey oak nightstand 3 drawer, for instance, you have to maintain it very seriously.

Forest Designs Traditional Three Drawer Nightstand Honey Oak

Honey oak nightstand 3 drawer needs extra treatment since it can stain easily if the finish is not good and if the finish isn’t in a modern style such as glossy varnish. And it can dry as well, and it can be cracked if it is not moisturizing properly.

Maintaining oak nightstand and other furniture means hard work. And you have to protect it from an extreme temperature swings, heat, and moisture. Here are some tips to maintain your oak nightstand.

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Things to Do for Long Lasting Honey Oak Nightstand 3 Drawer

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Reading maintenance instructions
Because the wood furniture which you buy has been treated in some different ways, it will be crucial to read its maintenance instructions from the manufacturers.

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You can ask for the pamphlet with care instructions when you buy the oak furniture. If the furniture doesn’t have the particular instruction, or the furniture has the light clear finishes, follow the general wood care recommendations.

Oriental Furniture Natural Fiber Chest of Drawers Three Drawer Honey

Airing out the new furniture
If your new honey oak nightstand 3 drawers has been oiled recently especially on the back surface and interior, it may cause strong odor. To reduce the odor, you need to leave the drawers or the doors open to help smell dissipate.

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You may want to keep windows opened. Or, you might run the air purifier. The furniture like honey oak nightstand is often oiled before being packed and then shipped. And if its smell is strong then you need to consider placing one bowl with the baking soda and white vinegar. And you need to activate charcoal placed near your furniture. It can absorb the odors.

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Stain and sand the furniture
If you work with the untreated oak things or furniture, you will need to sand the surface lightly. And this action has the function to smoothen the furniture—it will make sure that the stain will go evenly. Then take the vacuum to remove the dust. Or, you need to wipe off the sawdust before staining. You can apply the wood stain you have by using the brush or by using the cloth that is dipped in the stain. Then let the stain resting before you apply another coat, in case you want to have the darker stain.

Forest Designs Arts and Crafts Oak Three Drawer Nightstand Honey Oak

There are some types of the stain you can use with the honey oak nightstand 3 drawer. The water based will be easier on the environment, and it is also simpler to be cleaned up. Oil based is deep penetrating stain which is permanent. One step stain, as well as finish, is the combination stain also finish.