How High to Mount TV in Bedroom: A Guideline to Determine Ideal Height

People may all agree if there is a common question related to how high to mount a TV in the bedroom. There are factors to determine the ideal height to mount the TV. The first is about the room to mount it and place to sit while watching TV.

So the terms of the ideal will depend on each room with seating options. Choosing the right height for a bedroom, people need the best guideline to get a clear understanding and ideas to mount the TV perfectly. How high to mount the TV in a bedroom will depend on some factors. There is the best guideline to help you to determine the ideal height based on the needs.

Rules on How High to Mount TV in Bedroom

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Before getting closer to the specific term that is to mount a TV in the bedroom, the owner needs to know the general rule. Regardless of size, quality of television, distance location, the most important thing to note is really simple. The ideal place is to be at the eye level of the viewer.

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It can be achieved by doing math and measure the television. Commonly, when a person is sitting on a couch, then the center of television is intended about 42 inches above the floor.

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Then, it is an indifferent case when the owner has different circumstances in the bedroom. How high to mount the TV in the bedroom will depend on the function. For example, there is a case where the owner wants to watch television in all conceivable viewing perspectives.

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So not only from the bed, people can watch it while standing or doing other activities in the room. It is then inspired by restaurant or bar television which is usually attached near the ceiling to be easily viewable from every nook in the place.

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There is also different rule on how to hang wall-mounted TV in the bedroom above the fireplace. Several bedrooms are filled with fireplace. To mount the TV above, it depends on a fireplace mantel. If the mantel is less than 4 feet above the floor or no mantel in the fireplace, then mount the screen on 12 inches above the mantel or the fireplace. Furthermore, if the fireplace mantel is tall, then mount the screen no more than 6 inches higher than the fireplace.

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Check also how hot the wall above the fireplace to ensure that it does not overheat the TV. It is better to avoid the heat up to 100 degrees and more. In the bedroom, how high to mount the TV in the bedroom need to consider from the bed, which means it should be in a slightly higher than eye level to make it comfortable to look up.

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The way to do it is by finding the most comfortable sight, then you need to mount the TV in a few inches above the sightline. Make a forward tilting experiment at different angles until it is found the most comfortable angles both while lying down and with pillows.

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The last important thing is other existing features to cooperate. Besides considering the attractive decorative design to adorn the place, to get the desired height, then things like chair rails or built-in shelving can be used to get the fit eye level as good as possible or simply to sit on the sofa and staring at the area for several moments to make sure the place is the most ideal to answer the question of how high to mount a TV in the bedroom.