How to Use Mirrors in Your Interior to Create an Amazing Feng Shui

You need to take care of what your mirror reflects outside and inside the house. Globally, a mirror can bring more light into a space and make it spacious and more prominent. Light and space qualities invite a fantastic feng shui.

In many feng shui applications, mirrors are widely used. A feng shui practice of incorporating a small object, such as a mirror, to change and improve a place is called the minor addition method. A vital element of the modest addition method is that you use your creativity to add something to overcome the obstacle. Whenever you use a mirror, or anything else, to adjust your home’s space, be sure to do it with proper intention.

The mirror itself embodies the water element. The element of water promotes introspection and wisdom. Water is shapeless and transforms into the form of whatever container it is in. Mirrors are used because of this quality because they can reflect without judgment or ambiguity. They can broaden your horizons and focus your energy.

Mirrors Placement for Amazing Feng Shui 

Opposite to Beautiful Views

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Contemporary designed cozy flat with white cabinet and balcony

In feng shui, mirrors are like aspirin which is often used to treat many diseases. Be mindful of what your mirror reflects outside and inside the home. Place the mirror strategically, opposite to the beautiful views, so that you can enjoy the beauty at your place. These quick adjustments will bring more light and expand your space. Make sure they reflect a beautiful view.

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Dining Room Walls

According to experts, the dining room is the best room to hang a frameless mirror. It symbolizes wealth that we want to reflect a little more in our lives.

Place Perpendicular to Front Door 

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Young man and woman stepping into the house, they are happy and smiling as they come through the open yellow door

Feng Shui professionals recommend placing the mirror directly on the wall alongside the forepart door, not directly on the main or front door. In feng shui, the front door is significant. When you install a mirror, you associate an intention with it, such as increasing opportunities in your life.

Place in Living Room

Mirrors are thought to double the count of the people in the living room, giving the gathering a more festive feel. Also, you need to be mindful of your guests; if your guests are pessimistic, they can also increase the bad energy, so be careful so that your guests do not leave negative thoughts at your place.

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Hang in the Entryway 

Mirror without frames placed in the entryway resulted in positive vibes in feng shui. However, when placed at the last section of the entryway, they can reduce the flow of light and energy into your home. Also, they are very good at landing on small stairs to help expand the space.

Hang a frameless mirror in the Bedroom

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Mirrored wardrobe detail in a bedroom with a view of the gum trees

Mirrors in your bedroom are used with care; some people do not like mirrors installed in the bedroom or place a huge mirror inside your closet. If you do that, ensure your closet is properly organized because the mirrors double everything they project.

Avoid Placing Above Beds, Chairs, or Sofas 

Feng shui professionals prohibit hanging mirrors above the bed or sofa. Feng shui is about feeling comfortable in your space; hanging above your bed or couch may make you feel insecure or uncomfortable, and how you can feel safe when a heavy mirror is directly hanging right over the sofa.

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Avoid Mirror in Kitchen

Feng shui guides don’t allow for hanging mirrors in the kitchen; such a place invites negative energy, particularly if they are facing the oven. So if you’re considering mirroring backsplash, you need to reconsider it.

Avoid Hanging near your Desk

Just avoid hanging a mirror near your desk; it is a place to work so that it may produce negative energy for you.

A mirror reflecting bills stack can invite negative energy, so a mirror facing your desk will make negative vibes, and it will work against you by doubling your workload. You won’t like to see yourself when working.

Avoid Hanging in the Toilet

Feng shui experts advise avoiding hanging mirrors directly across the toilet. In the bathroom, it is always uncomfortable to look at yourself.

Final Words:

Use mirrors as a fantastic addition to your interior while enjoying beautiful views. For remarkable feng shui adjustments, follow the above guide to place mirrors strategically with pure intentions and attract more positivity.

If placed near the front door or a window, mirrors invite energy into space. In a room, a mirror that is placed strategically can reflect a view that is seen through a window. For example, install a mirror to see the view of trees or rivers in your place.