Howard Miller Curio Cabinets: Best 5 Inspiring Designs to Bring Home

If someone is willing to purchase new curio cabinets, this one legendary brand can be considered. Many people know Howard Miller is one of best in the workmanship besides its attractive clock design. Howard Miller Curio Cabinets are available in various attractive designs and colors. Giving particular attention to the overall glass cabinet sides, the cabinet will give an instant makeover without having much effort. These are some best works from the Howard Miller.

Howard Miller Tyler Curio Display Cabinet

Best 5 Howard Miller Curio Cabinets Designs

Howard Miller 685-104 Edmonton Curio Cabinet

The first is called Howard Miller Underhill 680-533 Curio Cabinet. This is one of the best-selling products from the brand in The Clock Depot. Appears attractive in cherry Bordeaux, the low profile design is very distinctive with the dimension of 33″ height, 47.25″ weight, and 14″ depth.

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It is completed with side doors on the left and right to quickly put and take the collection. Moreover, on the top of the cabinet, it also can be used as storage for some pieces like family pictures and more. It is priced at $700 -$900. Black and espresso color are available too. This belongs to Howard Miller curio cabinets for sale.

Howard Miller 680598 Quinn Display Cabinet

The next best seller is Howard Miller Edmonton 685-104 Cherry Wall Curio Cabinet. It costs on sale at $350 – $500. It is charming with mirrored finish in the entire design. With the total of four mirrored shelves, the furniture is suitable to be Howard Miller wall curio cabinets.

Beside to be mounted on the wall, the cabinet can combine well with bookcase or table with drawers as it is designed with no tip base. The shelves are adjustable too. In the dimension, it has 33″ height, 20″ height, and 8-1/4″ depth. By looking at the flexibility, no wonder that it is one of best selling products along with the cheap price.

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Howard Miller Lighted Corner Curio Cabinet

Townsend Display Case Windsor Cherry Dimensions 50W x 22D x 80H Weight 303 lbs

Howard Miller lighted curio cabinet can be seen in the Howard Miller Elise 680-521 Curio Cabinet. Completed with built-in lighting at the upper interior, the cabinet looks stunning to collect glass or crystal collection. It is also easy to access with side opening door in the right. The hardwood in the exterior is combined with four glass shelves. The brand provides the customer’s holes for shelf adjustment as well as pad-Lock cushioned metal shelf clips to be more stable and safe absolutely. It costs $700 – $850 within the size of 75-1/4″ height, 26-1/4″ width, and 13″ depth.

Howard Miller 680-483 Drake Curio Cabinet

The next will be as appealing as the previous one. It is Howard Miller Drake 680-483 Corner Curio Cabinet. As Howard Miller corner curio cabinet, it looks great with full of decorative items. It is perfect with seven glass shelves that are adjustable. There is also interior lighting to be more elegant and wrapped in glass mirrored walls. This will make the empty nook becomes more memorable with beveled glass door style. In the size of 80″ height, 28″ weight, and 16″ depth, the cherry Bordeaux cabinet’s price is around $700 – $950, was $1,000 – 1,200.

Howard Miller 680-145 Gilmore Curio Cabinet

The last goes to Howard Miller Constance 680-404 Cherry Corner Curio Cabinet. With the budget of $700 – $950, people can bring the corner cabinet home. The gorgeous is coupled with carves of floral on the top and rose accent on the lower part. It is perfect to decorate the empty space with collectible of family pictures in various sizes and frame designs to be a kind of epic exhibition in the Howard Miller curio cabinets.